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MASpencer’s Recap Has The Devil Inside

Posted on the 28 July 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

MASpencer’s Recap Has The Devil Inside

You’ve probably already guessed – judging by our title – MASpencer’s recap is now up over at the Sookieverseblog!

Before we let you read her (once again) brilliant recap…we want to share with you our favorite parts! Hope you don’t mind…

Here goes…

SAM SHOT YOU, TOMMY. I don’t know why you’re so surprised to learn of his homicidal tendencies. Or the fact that gators love marshmallows. I mean, really… everyone knows that.

Hahaha…MAS, you’re so funny! The True Blood world is buzzing with curiosity by this very same thing! Who knew crocodiles loved marshmallows? I sure didn’t.

Wake Me Up Before You Uh-Oh

So what’s going on with the witches this week?

Well, two things were clarified: First, there are fang marks on Marnie’s neck, as opposed to what I mistakenly observed in my last recap—though her arms appear to remain unmarked, which is still rather suspicious.

Second, Marnie is still a fan of ill-timed naps and continues to have no idea what she’s doing… or any comprehension of the fact that possession of any kind is a fundamentally negative occurrence. Her insistence that Antonia is a benevolent protector continues to confound and frustrate her coven members, who somehow manage to find themselves in increasingly deep doo-doo with every passing week.

Third, as we learn from another one of Marnie’s psychic head trips, the target of Antonia’s ire on the stake wasn’t just the clergy… more specifically, it was the vampire clergy. So her proclamation that they will be the ones who burn for their sins was more than a bunch of hot air. As we learn from the vampire sheriff Luis, her necromantic barbecued chickabee charges compelled all of them to stroll into the sun and die, M. Night Shamalamadingdong style.

Only MAS could take a Wham! song and mix it in with the witches! LMAO!

We’ve saved our favorite part for last…if you didn’t know it would have to do with Eric and Sookie then obviously you didn’t see the title of this site up towards the top of the page! ;)

Let’s see what she has to say about Eric and Sookie and their kiss!

Sorry, Gran, but last I checked, YOU WERE DEAD. And therefore, you don’t get to vote people off the island. No one solicited the peanut gallery, so why don’t you just drink your demon blood in Photoshop Land or whatever it is that you do these days and KEEP YOUR OPINION TO YOURSELF.

Well, except that bit about getting the hell away from Marnie. That struck me as rather sound advice.

Luckily, that’s the advice that Sookie took… while selectively ignoring the nugget that came before it. Because let’s be real, people: When you have a hot piece of morally conflicted Swedish beefcake walking away from you, you don’t let it go… you grab it and suck its face until fireworks start flying out of your vajayjay.

Queue the Eric and Sookie kissing gifs!

And for doing just that, Sookie Stackhouse, I SALUTE YOU.

No, WE SALUTE YOU, MAS for another great and hilarious recap!

To read MAS recap, appropriately titled, “The Devil Inside” and to laugh at the most hilarious pics imaginable…click here!

We don’t have to tell you to enjoy it, because you WILL! ;)

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