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MASpencer’s Recap: “Fire In The Swimming Hole”

Posted on the 20 July 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

MASpencer’s Recap: “Fire In The Swimming Hole”

MASpencer from the Sookieverseblog has posted her recap of True Blood, Episode 4, “I’m Alive and On Fire”!

Our favorite part of it has to do with her thoughts on the Eric & Sookie scenes…here’s a sneak peek at what she said!

Friends Don’t Let Friends Swim Drunk

It’s hard for me to write anything about Eric this week without turning into a giant pile of goo… because, really, I don’t think the writers could make him more fucking adorable if they tried.

When cheeky, inebriated Eric takes off into the looming dawn, Sookie calls on Alcide for help in tracking him down—and together, they find him pretending to be a Norse sea giant who enjoys picking fights with aquatic monsters and doing underwater handstands. Preferably beside Sookie, who would of course be his sea goddess wife.

Now we can take comfort in knowing that if Operation Get-Eric’s-Memory-Back doesn’t work out, he will still have a lucrative career awaiting him in the ball pit of the local Ikea’s Småland—that is, if he can refrain from playing grab-ass with all the hot moms looking to peruse the Cinnabon-scented menagerie of Swedish craftsmanship in peace. And we also know why Eric went straight to Bill’s tub in season one: He obviously digs bathtime.

Sookie urges him to get out of there before a gator comes and bites his wang off, but he’s wholly disinterested in dry land until Alcide shifts back into Ken Doll form—prompting a lovely little naked grunt-off, which Sookie is far too eager to squelch.

And to think that, up to this point, I thought an alligator fight was the only thing that could make this scene better.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…I wonder what this picture represents? :P

MASpencer’s Recap: “Fire In The Swimming Hole”

Created by Serena (photoshopper extraordinaire) of the Sookieverseblog

BWAH! :lol:

Hahahahahaha! The first time I saw this, I couldn’t stop laughing! It’s hysterically funny! ROTFLMAO!

To find out what else she thought about the episode, click here!

Thanks MAS for writing a recap as only you could do!

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