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Martifer: Solar Power for Projects Big and Small

Posted on the 23 November 2011 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

Martifer: Solar Power for Projects Big and Small

With the world standing on the ledge of an energy revolution, what will be the technology that takes us over the edge? Photovoltaic systems may hold the answer. Though not immune from criticism, solar power bathes half the world in light all the time and is awash in energy. There is really no other source of energy as abundant, safe, and clean out there, so long as we learn how to harness it efficiently.

One of the companies harnessing that energy is Martifer Solar. Based in Portugal, they have a strong presence in Europe. In total, they offer solar energy services in eleven countries. According to their website, “Martifer Solar is a company that specializes in offering all types of photovoltaic solutions adapted to the client’s individual needs. In simpler terms: we transform solar radiation into electricity, and deliver an end-product to our client with all guarantees.” They produce some standard equipment, such as photovoltaic modules and trackers (devices that rotate the panels to follow the sun) so as much energy as possible is captured through the day as the sun “moves across the sky.” However, the most interesting and potentially useful products that they provide are their photovoltaic kits. Like a kid with a science experiment kit (thanks Mom and Dad!) I can see myself assembling one of these kits on a house of my own some day. The packets that Martifer sells “are designed to produce from 1 kW to 5 kW.” It’s like a do it yourself solar technology akin to the “plug and play” style found in consumer electronics. Components include: 

• Photovoltaic panel

• Inverter

• Securing structure

• Solar cable

• AC cable

• Male and female connectors

• Protection System (circuit breaker).

With companies like this springing up all over the world and offering innovative yet practical solutions to our energy dilemma, it feels like we are on the right track, even if there are various obstacles along the way. We are even reaching the point where consumers can be empowered to learn about, construct, and contribute to the energy revolution on their own.


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