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Martha Stewart's Insider Trading Case

By Suziblu @busybeeSI
Date: 2017-04-04 14:33 More videos "Martha stewart insider trading scandal timeline"

The reason for all of the delay all of this time is they know obozo will pull back Loretta Lynch on a short leash or just pardon her. It 8767 s the only way his pathetic policies will continue into the future.

What Martha Stewart Did Wrong - Covering Business

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - As she faces possible jail time, Martha Stewart invoked the name of Nelson Mandela, South Africa's persecuted anti-apartheid hero, saying "many, many good people have gone to prison."

Martha Stewart gets five months prison term - Jul. 20, 2004

The biggest problem will the AG Lynch follow through. Judicial Watch is subpoenaing Clinton 8767 s people with the support of two federal judges, but Obama is trying to stop this. They want to take her before a grand jury which of course would circumvent Lynch. Let 8767 s hope they become successful and they are able to continue their pursuit.


She just started this job 8 weeks before she wrote in, so it 8767 s not really relevant to say 8775 the status changed, they should pay her more! 8776

At Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia headquarters in midtown Manhattan, employees -- who said they were told not to speak to reporters -- told CNN they had a "surreal feeling" when they heard the sentence.

No, but I think we can trust her knowledge of her husband to know that this is something he actually might do. I mean, if that 8767 s his plan, he probably *wouldn 8767 t* say it.

As for unjust laws, you should only violate laws you know to be unjust, until you have determined that, 8775 it 8767 s the law 8776 should be enough. You can always change your mind once you understand why the law exists and what its impacts are.

which I doubt the husband realises 8775 what you don 8767 t know won 8767 t hurt you 8776 um, actually, it very much can in this case, particularly since what would look suspiciously like an attempt to cover insider trading up might actually be enough to upgrade it from a fine/probation issue to an imprisonment issue. ( that, and insider training is, in fact, a criminal offense- as in, while the SEC can fine you, they can also get you arrested)- he doesn 8767 t seem to understand that.

I 8767 m not in Finance so this is the first I 8767 ve heard of something like this. I would be seriously irked about it and it doesn 8767 t seem like she has much empathy for him in this matter. It may be legal but realizing and acknowledging that your job is basically hamstringing part of his independence would probably help. I 8767 m very territorial over my independence so I 8767 d be bothered by the whole thing including the insinuation that this has something to do with narcissism. That 8767 s pretty dismissive of his concerns and issue with it.

Do these sorts of companies make compliance really easy on the families or is this a time-consuming, complicated or otherwise difficult process? I mentioned this elsewhere but I presume that the process to comply is actually much easier than it first appears and I suspect that the husband is overacting to not having a complete view of the situation.

Martha Stewart's Insider Trading Case

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