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Marriage Proposal Guide

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Proposing marriage is one of the greatest tests a man has to go through in his lifetime. After all, the goodstuff almost always never come easy. Since time immemorial, men had to go through all sorts ofcustoms and rituals if they wanted to marry the girl of their dreams. Most of these customs involve giving a gift ofgreat value, and there are may explanations as to why it is done. Some say that the gift is symbolic ofthe love a man has to offer his future bride, while some argue that it is a more polite way of fluffing one’speacock feathers; a genteel way of buying a woman’s hand in marriage. Nevertheless, it is safe to saythat this tradition has carried on up to today in one form or another, most popularly in the form of the engagement ring.
Buying an engagement ring, however, does not assure a man a date at the altar. It is only the arrow. Theway you propose is your bow, and your bulls-eye is to get engaged with the woman of your dreams. If thisis so, then you’ll need 2 more things: Practice and Preparation.
You DO NOT just spill the beans on a woman out of a whim (not unless you are someone who just gotcaught in the crossfire of a shotgun wedding). It takes time. You take aim and draw your bow slowly.Slowly, because a man who swiftly shoots his arrow and squarely hits his target must have had quite a few weddings.

Preparation: The first thing you do is find out if you even have a chance at all. It might sound strange, butsome people do enter romantic relationships without entertaining the thought of getting married. If shedoes want to get married eventually, find where, when and how. Say that it is a hypothetical question, ofcourse.
Practice: Put the intel that you’ve gathered into good use, it is useless if you don’t know how to deliver.Execution is key because everything, all the years that you’ve been seeing each other, all the good andthe bad, will culminate up to a single moment which you can pass with flying colors or fail miserably. Theysay practice makes perfect. If you want your lady to say yes to your proposal, it just has to be perfect. Tomake it perfect, you got to practice!
This should give you an idea on how to go about things, but if you really want a bullet-proof guide on howto make The Perfect Marriage Proposal, check out this infographic.

May Flores is a multitasking maven who works for Brilliance Loose Diamonds. She’s able to squeeze in some freelance work between cooking up and delivering marketing material as a home-based writer for several blogs.


Marriage Proposal Guide

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