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Marriage Confessions: For Wives

By Fgcitire

A women approached her Pastor with bruises and a swollen face. Her husband had turned her into a punching bag and she desperately needed a solution. So the Pastor gave her a bottle of anointed water and gave her instructions that she should put the anointed water in her mouth everyday and never spit it out unless she wanted to sleep and come back in 2 weeks time to report the result. Two weeks later she came with all smiles and she said to the pastor, ” Pastor, Thank you for this anointed water. My husband doesn’t beat me again since then; I need more of this anointed water” but to her dismay her pastor replied “Woman!, Your Tongue! , Control your tongue!”.

In my last post,  I wrote about Marriage confessions for Husbands and today!!! it’s confession for wives. As you read the confession and speak the words, also  meditate on them and God will enlighten you the more.

I am the body of Christ, so I submit to my husband… (Name)… as unto the Lord. I dearly love my husband… so I respect, honour, and praise him. I will always support and adapt myself to him. I will be meek, patient, and of a quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price. I will try to please my husband emotionally and sexually. I’ll watch my appearance, my dressing and my body weight. I shall control my tongue and my thoughts, my actions and my reactions. I confess that my husband always cherishes and protects me. He has made me his lover, supporter, confidant, prayer partner and best friend. I have not received the spirit of fear, or of inferiority, but of power, of love and of self-control, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Amen.

I will practice Agape-the God kind of love with him; I will be a good example to my children, and I‘ll teach them to respect and their parents especially their father. My husband will come closer to God because of my godly influence and my constant prayers for him. I shall be a good listener, sympathizer and confidant of my husband. I shall be quick to forgive, quick to forget, and quick to repent, and to say I am sorry darling, please forgive me! I shall be like the virtuous woman in Prov. 31. I confess that I am hardworking diligent in my duties as a wife and mother, resourceful in business, disciplined, well-mannered and well organised. Amen.

I will let no one talk me out of these standards which are based on the word of God; and not on the traditions of the ungodly; when I fall short of these standards in any way, I shall repent and try again, for Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit. So in my home I am not a Quitter but a Winner! Amen! God is able and He is daily working on my husband and me too! We’re becoming better servants of God and of one another. Amen!

Bible references for meditation

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