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How Peter Learned To Walk On Water Like Jesus

By Fgcitire

How Peter Learned To Walk On Water Like Jesus

Most Christians easily flow with the fact that Jesus walked on water. Jesus manifested himself as God in human flesh so of course he should do great things but what about Peter. (Matthew 14:22-36)

Here is an interesting fact about Peter

* He was a Fisher man
* He was born like every other man
* He had no experience in supernatural occurrences
* He was never ordained a prophet or a priest.

Yet Peter was able to do what was mostly associated with anointed men.

How was Peter then able to walk on water? Ask

It's not clear why Peter wanted to meet Jesus on water but one thing for sure is that he had a strong desire to meet Jesus where he was even if it was on water. So instead of nursing the idea, he asked Jesus to let him come.

Peter reveals that there is power in asking. He did not wait for Jesus to know what was in his mind. He spoke what he wanted and it was granted.

Do you have a desire in your heart, Ask Jesus. Belief

Why did Peter ask for such an unimaginable thing? If your answer is that he saw Jesus walk on water then remember that he was not the only one on the boat (Matthew 14:26).

The reason Peter could ask for such a thing is because he believed and trusted in Jesus. He had no thought of whether Jesus would consider his request or not. He had confidence that Jesus would enable him to walk on water. Peter never relied on his own ability but on the ability of Jesus.

Do you trust and believe in Jesus that he will answer your heart desire?

Take Action

Peter did not just ask and believe, he took action; he took a step into the water. He did the unimaginable, he walked on water.

He had no point contemplating whether he could walk on water or not. Jesus had told him to come; all that was left was to go and meet him.

Do you want to learn how walk on the waters of life, then follow the steps above.

However, if there are other things that you are aware that Peter knew which enabled him to walk on water, please share by commenting below.

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