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By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Another Saturday, another blog (and by the way, belatedly, happy Lancashire Day). Went to Birmingham, saw lots of snow, got freezing cold, watched a football match in which the Tangerines should have made marmalade of poor opposition but our finishing was off, we were denied a clear penalty and the home side bundled in a late winner. "So it goes", as Kurt Vonnegut remarked. 


making marmalade

Upon the final whistle we got held behind by West Midland Constabulary for  twenty minutes to allow the Birmingham fans to wander off into their second city night. After that it was a long, hungry ride home. Paddington Bear might have added "A wise bear always keeps a marmalade sandwich in his hat in case of emergency." I wish I had paid more attention to the hirsute little Peruvian.And that tart reportage is about all you're going to get this week on topic, apart from a new poem partly, but only fleetingly, inspired by a Beatles song - you know which one ("Picture yourself on a boat on a river etc etc").


girl with the marmalade eyes

Bear in mind that this was the product of a late night scribbling session, another work-in-progress, and on reflection (if I ever get the time) subject to change to improve it.
Marmalade EyesBlue eyes sparkle like twinkling stars,sapphire bright irises, light and cheerful.

Green eyes smile like welcoming pools,cool emerald isle lakes, dive in and swim.Grey eyes shine with wisdom and grace,the generous glow of worldly understanding.

Brown eyes smoulder with subtle passion,chocolate to the depths with alluring flecks.
butMarmalade eyes are glaucous and slarkey,both sweet to behold but sticky like amber,so beware: return their deceptive gaze with care or end up ensnared in some frightful jam. Thanks for reading, S ;-) Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook

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