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Market and Trend for Rondelle Beads

By Cnbeads

Some people know that now many of us were busy making the crystal rondelle beads, and the market are very large. So some people spent large money to get the machine and material and made the crystal rondell beads. Therefore, after severl months, the market are full of rondelle beads - supply more than demand, price of the rondelle beads goes down by down. Few people sold the rondelle beads even at a price lower than the production cost, because he had made so many beads.
Market and Trend for Rondelle beadsHere many buyers and factores as us have a question, will price of the rondelle beads in the market keep come down? Reporting by an official people, now price for the rondelle beads in the market are much lower than the production cost. The salary of the workers who make the crystal rondelle beads are very low, so many workers strike. According to the market rule, for a commodity, when the demand bigger than the supply, than price will be higher - this is the first stage when we made the crystal rondelle beads. But when the supply bigger than the demand, then price will cut down, even lower than the cost - that is current stage. In the market,when the supply more than the demand, then the maker who spend more cost to make the commodity will fired first, also, some maker will seek a new product to make... Then, in a short time, price for the crystal rondelle beads maybe keep current price. However, with the time flies, fewer and fewer workers and factorise will make the crytal rondelle beads becase there are no margin, then the demand will be equal to the supply, or deman a little large then the supply, then price of the rondelle beads will be steady. Beads factory who are good at making these beads will strand stronger in the rondelle beads market. Besides making the faceted crystal rondell beads, our factory also have designed out new crystal beads - such as faceted crytsal pandora beads  - it is a series of the rondelle crystal beads, but it is a new design for Eurpea Jewerly with large hole. Customers orde these crystal panodra beads and ask us to match with grommets or sterling silver core or tube, to make noblest Pandora jewelry - pandora necklaces, pandra bracelets, pandora earrings, pandora rings... Further more, we have make out some new large crystal beads,  
Market and Trend for Rondelle beadsPeople are so creative. We design fashion Due to the shining, fancy and qualtiy of the crystal rondelle beads, Since 2008, Chinese rondelle crystal beads have been a leader among the beads in the jewelry market. You can find these fashion Chinese crystal rondelle beads anywhere. bracelet, earrings, necklaces, beaded crafts from these rondelle crystal beads. In the early stage to make the crystal rondelle beads, many customers and us are attractive these beautiful crystal rondelle beads. At that time, our crystal rondelle beads' machains worked day and night as many customers order these faceted crystal rondelle beads. Due to the large demand in the jewelry market, our factory design other style of rondelle crystal glass beads same as other crystal glass beads, so many size, from 3 - 18 mm crystal rondelle beads made out, and we make more than 40 different colors from different glass rods for the rondelle beads. Besides, we take the crystal rondelle beads to plate, so the full plated rondelle beads, half plated rondelle beads, middle plated rondelle beads, AB rondelle glass beads... Many different colors of rondelle beads enter to the jewelry market. For variety colors, sizes of these quality and charming crystal rondelle beads, demand of these beads have been much larger than the supply for a long time. In a time, customers paid a higher price and asked us to make more rondelle beads for them quickly. 
Market and Trend for Rondelle beadslarge crystal beads
very shining, and quality very well as the rondelle beads. There is a Chinese word saying - A thing will be valued when it is rare. So besides making the crystal rondele beads day and night everyday, our factory also design new beads for the jewelry market. Maybe after some time, these new crystal beads will sold very popular, then will be devolop same way as the crystal rondelle beads. Because it is the market rule for a products.

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