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How to Make Lampwork Glass Beads

By Cnbeads

How to make lampwork glass beads

handmade bird lampwork glass beads
round China beads

Many years ago, people made handmade glass beads where a torch or lamp is primarily used to melt the glass. So, thay is why these beads namded lampwork glass beads. Further more, some people also called lampwork glass beads as flamworking beads, or torchworking beads.  Lampwork glass bead is one kind of handmade glass bead.

To make quality lampwork glass beads, it require high technology. Different lampwork workers makes different lampwork glass beads, therefore, each lampwork glass beads are uniquie.

How to make lampwork glass beads

glass rods from China beads factory

Then, how to make a lampwork glass bead?
First, prepare the materials, such as glass rods, a metal rod, and torch...

Second, burd the metal rod and glass rods, to make the glass molten and wrap on the metal beads. You can make round lampwork glass beads, or draw some designs on the glass, such as birds, bunny, flowers, leafs, dots...

How to make lampwork glass beads

how to make lampwork glass beads
from China beads factory 

Last, keep the finished lampwork beads inside the sand, make it cool down naturally. 

How to make lampwork glass beads

flower lampwork glass beads
wholesale from China beads factory

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