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Mark Teixeira: The Crazy Idea for 2013 Offseason

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
This is a crazy idea, but just something I thought of. Neil Huntington likes to get bargains and likes to try to prey on some other teams…I wonder if the Pirates could pull of a decent trade with the New York Yankees for Mark Teixeira. The Yankees have been adamant that they would try to get under the $189M luxury tax payroll for this upcoming season, but with the recent Ellsbury and McCann signings and another FA on the way (Cano or Choo according to most rumors) that number would seem very difficult for the Yankees to attain. Now, before we go crazy and tell me how ridiculous this is…Tex’s UZR and UZR+ are both better than James Loney’s and Mike Napoli, who the Pirates have both been said to be very interested in, and his power and OPS would be welcomed additions to the lineup. Even at his worst, when he’s been “going down hill” he’s been a 800-.810 OPS guy. Remember, the Yankees pitched in a ton of money for the last two years of AJ Burnett’s contract (I believe they paid 8.5-8.75M last year, correct?)…what if the Pirates were to take Tex off their hands, provide them Malancon and a prospect and the Yanks pick up 11-12M per year of Tex salary for the remaining 3 years. That means the Pirates would get Tex at $11M for a player who, at worst, is a 2.7-3.0 WAR player and is better than Napoli or Loney. Maybe it would take more than we would want to give up to be able to get the Yankees to unload Tex for the right price $$$-wise, but just a thought. The Yankees could use the extra savings to pony up more for Cano or Choo or Morales/Napoli. Again, its unlikely that it could/would happen…just a thought based on past deals with the Yankees (AJ Burnett)…
Just a not-so-crayz, crazy thought...

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