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Marisa Papen Walks Nude Through Williamsburg

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Remember the provocative Belgian model, Marisa Papen, who posed naked last year on a rooftop overlooking the Kotel? Back then she drew strong criticism for her actions, though it being done mostly in private, the criticism was relatively muted.
Papen does this at important historic sites all over the world, and has even been banned from some countries.
Papen is back again - she is once again being talked about in the Jewish community. She just posted to her website (which I will not link to) a recap and photo shoot of her walking naked through the streets of Williamsburg in New York.
To excerpt from the JPost:
She walked naked throughout the neighborhood, including posing in front of a yeshiva school bus and in front of a synagogue.
Papen wrote on her website that she walked naked on several streets in Williamsburg but didn’t get the shots that they were looking for. She said that some of the men got aggressive and others looked at her as if she had risen from the dead, others -as seen in the photos posted on her website, just looked away.
Then it started raining and she danced naked in the rain. After, as she and her photographer and producer sat in an Uber, the car was surrounded by Hasidic men, one of whom spit into the window. One of the men had called the police.
The model jumped out of the car in a coat and made a run for it, followed by about ten of the men yelling “Go” and “Get out.” She eventually ran into the police. She convinced the police officer that she had not been naked and that the men had been aggressive to her and was let go.
Marisa Papen walks nude through WilliamsburgThe comments on various sites are a mixed bag between telling the backwards people of Williamsburg to not look and they have no right to beat her up, and between telling her how she should not go into such a pure neighborhood to do her thing like that where they want to keep their holy relationship with God...
To be honest, no matter how pure or unpure the neighborhood she walked through is, her actions are grossly inappropriate. One need not be hassidic or holy to not want naked women walking down your streets. There are public decency laws for a reason.
Your average parent does not want his or her child exposed to that, and your average person does not want such things in public. While I am not one for beating people up vigilante style, the police should have immediately been called. Marisa Papen is not the victim in this story. The public is, hassidic or not.
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