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Marilyn Had It Right.

By Elleelizabeth @elleelizabethh
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that marilyn monroe lady was one smart cookie. purchasing a new pair of shoes lights that little spark inside of me, and i feel like a brand new person. the choices are endless, and you can find any type to fit any type of personality. don't get me wrong, simple and classic are nice.... but i do like a little spice in my life sometimes. for example, lately i have been eyeing up cap toe shoes. it's great to see cap toe shoes in every different style - flats, heels, wedges, and even booties! time and time again, i've come across a pair of shoes where i loved the design but didn't come in the style that i wanted. where i wished they were flats but they were heels or they were heels but i wished they were wedges... you get the picture! the cap toe shoe has definitely held its own and i can easily say that i love every single one of these cap toe shoes... now, i just have to decide which ones to purchase for myself!

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