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Marengo Cave Simulator The Crawl is Not for Wimps

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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Marengo, Indiana Cave Simulator: little Indiana Tackles The Crawl

Marengo, Indiana Cave Simulator: little Indiana Tackles The Crawl

little Indiana and family were having a grand old time in Marengo, Indiana.

Marengo Cave was so much fun. We had finished one of the cave tours and had time for lunch and vegging before we had to get right back to it. How does little Indiana veg? Apparently it involves twisting, turning, and darkness. Lots of darkness.

The Crawl at Marengo Cave

In the excitement of things...little Indiana didn’t read the sign. You know, the one that said words like “not recommended if” and “not for people over age 30 unless.” Lucky for me, I’ve turned 29 a few times so I was in the clear.

I am also, so said our guide, the first travel writer to actually go through The Crawl cave simulator. All in the name of research (and curiosity)! Now, the sign right above the entrance to The Crawl did make me pause.

There is only one way in and one way out. You cannot chicken out mid-way and think you will back track and exit out the entrance. It just ain’t happening.

little Indiana Enters The Cave

Marengo Cave Simulator The Crawl

Marengo Cave Simulator The Crawl

So, our 5 year old scampers in. The big cheater got a small flashlight from the really nice guy who worked there and cheered us through.

This? This is winding and twisting and makes you fold yourself up into all sorts of weird pretzel shapes in order to get through.

Some of the passages make you crawl out and then climb up and over. Some make you flatten yourself and others make you wonder if you will be able to squeeze through at all!

It’s also some of the most fun I’ve had in ages! We loved it!

Not for The Faint of Heart

Marengo Cave: The Crawl Cave Simulator

Marengo Cave: The Crawl Cave Simulator

Just like the sign forewarned–we did get pretty banged up. We both had some pretty nice bruises. And yet? Totally worth it!

Thinking about the flexibility required to get through, I was curious if anyone had ever gotten stuck! The answer? Once. The whole thing had to be taken apart! Would that be embarrassing or what?

My goodness am I glad I waited until I had already gotten through before asking that one. I’d hate to psych myself out first thing!

Cave Simulator Fun in Indiana

If you want to impress your kids–go through The Crawl. Kid #1 went through it more than once. He had that much fun!

Marengo Cave
400 E. SR 64
Marengo, Indiana 47140

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Special thanks to everyone at Marengo Cave for making us feel so welcome as well as Paula Werne and Melissa Wilkinson from Spencer County Tourism who put this great trip together! My opinions, as always, are my own.

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