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March to May

By Plot58 @plot58
In March this year I received the news............I had a plot! the wait was over. I had been waiting 18 months and the day of days had come. the local council were creating 60 new plots on an existing local plot and i was on the list. my wife and I couldn't wait to see, so that weekend we went to have a look!(yes i know its sad but we could resist!) what we found was a Field of grass
March to May
Yes yes its nothing to look at but to us it was the start of something we hoped would be a success.The next few weeks went by at a snails pace but we made a start on getting a few essentials, such as spades folks and hoes etc.. but we wanted this adventure to be about using recycled or reclaimed materials as much as possible and only buying new when we had no other choice. we found out that the local council would plough the plots for us so they would already be rotivated and ready to go. this year saw us in East Anglia have one of the hottest and Driest springs in years, so when Easter came and we finally got the keys to the plot we had a BIG shock. the ground had been ploughed for about 3 weeks when we got there and the ground was Rock hard it's clay soil mainly and as we know  the sun and clay don't mix.  the plot size is 17 meters long by 12 meters wide just right we thought.March to May
The first few days were Hellish Temperatures in the high 20's Celsius and because it was quite late into the planting for veg we had to get some potatoes into the ground and fast if we were to have a good crop this year. we were not sure what to go for this year as we just wanted to get something in the ground so we went for 3 variety's, King Edward, Sante and Maris piper all good potatoes.we were at the plot now Known as plot 58 every day for the first week preparing the ground as it was pretty poor.I managed to salvage 4 old pallets and soon whipped up a compost bin ready to receive the bounty of waste, to create compost.and that's how the great Veg journey started..........................

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