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March on The Little Backpacker

By Littlebckpacker @littlebckpacker

Last month I posted a monthly update that was a bit different, mostly because I had done very little for the past two months. Anyway, I have typically decided I don’t like the format I used. As much as I love sharing what I’ve read online in a month, I feel it was just a repeat of my Twitter feed (minus my own posts). So I’m back to the old round up format, even though I don’t have too much to say at the moment. I’m sure that will soon change as my year starts to get more travel focused and less uni focused.

Adventures In March

I started the month off in France at my boyfriend’s families house there. It was a lovely relaxing weekend with nothing but peace, quiet and beautiful views surrounding us. I got very over excited in the hypermarket and rather embarrassed when I realised the Euro Tunnel was actually a train instead. Aside from that we indulged in cheese and wine and I spend most of the weekend with my head in uni work.

The following weekend I headed south again, this time to Brighton for my best friend’s hen party. It was a fun filled weekend and one I was very glad worked out okay, after planning the whole thing for 11 of us girls. We enjoyed some glorious weather and did what you always have to do in Brighton: hit the pier.

The middle of the month was a little slow due to having mountains of uni work and two assignments due in before term ended in the last week of March. I did however eat the best piece of red velvet cake of my life – I’ll be writing more about this cute little cafe soon, for now you can just drawl at the photo.

red velvet cake - robin craft cafe

The last weekend of the month was spent at the Traverse 15 travel blogging conference. Events started on the Friday night and continued until Sunday, it was a weekend packed with fun and learning. The guys at Traverse certainly know how to throw a good party and it was fun to explore Kingston too. The weekend was topped off by winning one of the competitions – rental of a Fiat 500 for a long weekend.

Blogs I’ve Loved This Month

All of Kate’s posts about South America have had my wanderlust in full drive, however this one about Ometepe – Nicaragua’s Volcanic Island had me the most inspired. I followed Kate’s adventure very closely through South East Asia and then planned for years to visit, until I finally made it. Hopefully one day I will make it to South America too.

New Zealand is an amazing country, last year while living in Scotland I was reminded of it daily. Now I’m living further away from gorgeous mountains and vast landscapes so this post of 28 Photos that will make you fall in love with New Zealand by Polkadot Passport, had me falling in love again.

I have been trying to be a better tourist in London for a while now and keep failing miserably. This list of 77 Things Every True Londoner Has To Do by The Well Travelled Postcard had me inspired enough to start making my own London to do list. I was also surprised to see I had ticked a fair few off this list already.

This post by Liz is just incredible, there are no words to describe her photos from Chasing the Aurora in Wanaka.

march - sunset at Mortlake

Where I’ve Featured This Month

March was a busy month for interviews and features of The Little Backpacker. This first interview was by Daisy and it was all about my life at uni as a primary education student. The second was by Kellie and I was answering questions all about my working holiday in Australia. Lastly I was featured by Tea along with several other bloggers talking about our favorite passport stamp and the story behind it.

What I’ve Written

I continued my #takeagapyear series this month with reasons to take a tour, reasons to work abroad and finally 10 experiences you should have.

I enter the Explore the Elements competition – sadly I didn’t win, but I had a lot of fun choosing the pictures.

I asked you guys for help picking out a quirky restaurant in London for my birthday, thank you for all of the comments. I still haven’t decided….

I also wrote about my top tips for a Californian road trip and what not to do when you have itchy feet.

Reality for most of the month.

Reality for most of the month – juggling blogging and being a student.

Coming Up In April

The first two weeks of April are Easter Holidays for me, this means a break from lectures (YAY!). It also means I am spending a week back in the New Forest as I have bridesmaid duty for my best friend. April also means my birthday, so I will hopefully be heading to a quirky restaurant in London for a meal as well as taking a trip to the Cat Cafe with my parents. London is also host to the boat race and marathon this month, so I am hoping to get to see these too. Lastly, near the end of the month I will be checking out the Clink Hostel near Kings Cross for a night. That already sounds like a busier month than March, and somewhere along the way I’ve got two essays to complete for uni….

Hope you’ve all had a good March, what was your highlight of the month?


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