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March Cupcake: Irish Car Bomb

By Alustforallseasons @bgstrzelczyk
March cupcake: Irish Car Bomb March cupcake: Irish Car Bomb March cupcake: Irish Car Bomb March cupcake: Irish Car Bomb These cupcakes are sweet -- literally and figuratively. So much so that I recommend skipping the whiskey ganache filling if you're not really a chocolate fan. Personally, I live in a city that takes its St. Patrick's Day celebration EXTREMELY seriously so I wasn't about to half ass the alcohol content and forgo the ganache (and I do love chocolate) -- but it's your call.
The cake itself -- made from Guinness -- is so freakin' good. Kevin ate about five plain cupcakes when they came out of the oven, and I ate one for breakfast yesterday. And today.

March cupcake: Irish Car Bomb

Nom nom. Breakfast of champions.

But while delicious, a cupcake without frosting isn't a cupcake -- it's a wannabe muffin -- and so as good as it is plain, a little Baily's frosting and some Jameson ganache real set it over the edge.
March cupcake: Irish Car Bomb
(Though I may have overdosed slightly and gotten myself drunk at 10 a.m. on a Saturday. It happens.)
While normally I post a detailed recipe, this one came straight from Smitten Kitchen. I made some VERY minor changes -- I filled my tins all the way instead of 3/4s of the way -- but otherwise, it's exactly the same. They were pretty prefect and I didn't want to mess with that. And so I'm not going to copy and paste her recipe here. Because that's stealing, which is wrong. So ...
Go here to check out the recipe!
Oh and if you don't know what an Irish Car Bomb is, go here. And then get yourself to a pub, STAT.
March cupcake: Irish Car Bomb

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