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This month's calendar came together as quickly and casually as I hope the month it represents will turn out. Sure I sat there for a while trying to come up with something that no one had ever seen before, but after a while I decided to just go with what was on the tip of my tongue instead of trying to reach down further. It's nice being content with what you create on a whim. I want to be less of a thinker with these things, if that makes sense. Less concerned with being original and more concerned with just being myself and being happy - working contentedly with the brain God gave me, instead of envying others their neurons.
I'm pretty excited about this month. The skies have been relatively merciful to those of us in the city: our weather radio has had an itchy trigger finger the past couple days, but so far we've had little more than whistling winds and wet grass. I'm praying for lots more outside playtime, family walks, open windows, needed rains, and hopefully a few sunday evening backyard fires.
Some bloggy things I'm excited about:
  • I have some beautiful new sponsors on the sidebar! I put out the call for a button swap a week or so ago and was so happy with how many beautiful ladies responses. I love seeing their sweet buttons decorating my blog and I hope you'll give them all visit!
  • I'm hoping to attend my first local blogger meet-up this month. I even got some itty bitty cards printed for it. I feel so legit.
  • I'm gonna try my absolute hardest to participate in Fat Mum Slim's March Photo-A-Day challenge. It's the first ongoing photo challenge I've ever done. I'll post the week's photos here each friday, but you can see them ahead of time by following me on Twitter, where I'll be posting them as I take them. Leave your link below if you're participating too!
  • I noticed yesterday that a few people actually nominated my little blog for Best Family Blog in Apartment Therapy's Homies Awards. Eep!! I know I won't win (have you seen whom I'm up against? No way). But it still makes me so happy. Voting ends tomorrow just before midnight, so you can still vote for your favorite!
  • P.S. I'm working on a redesign that I want to wait until my blogiversary in June to unveil. Promise me I'll actually hold off that long. It'll be more special that way.
I am pregnant with action, as Heinrich Böll would say. Busy and busy and happy and busy.
The fonts I oh-so-sloppily hand-copied for this month's calendar are: Masana Script (Propia) by Mario Arturo for "March," Oil Can by Ellis Latham-Brown for the days of the week, and Noir-et-Blanc by Paul Lloyd for the numbers.March

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