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Marc and J.Lo- We Thought We Knew You

By Datecoachtoni @CoachToni

It’s a little surprising that anyone is REALLY surprised by the news that J.Lo and Marc Anthony have decided to end their marriage. Yes, they went on the record (not that long ago) about how solid their relationship is (was). Folks who knew them casually didn’t notice that anything was seriously wrong between them- however, now that the news is out one “source” has been quoted as saying there were issues like jealousy and control and another said that they had grown apart on their views. No one will ever really know. We can all speculate and theorize, but even close friends and family don’t know what goes on between two people. They may think they know, they may have part of the story, but only the couple know for sure.

If you really think about it, celebrity break-ups are so routine that it’s surprising they get the kind of coverage they do. Fans are stunned, sources offer their take and the publicists make their canned statements about how the split will be fair and amicable and that the couple continues to care about and respect each other, etc. Celebrities that stay together longer than ten years should be big news. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear about the few who actually make it through that first decade and beyond. They should be interviewed and asked specific questions about how they have avoided the Hollywood splitsville trend, so that other celebrities and regular folks could benefit from their insights and experience.

Whatever the reasons Marc and J.Lo, we wish you well. And we really thought we knew you…

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