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Marathon Monday: 15 Weeks

By Alustforallseasons @bgstrzelczyk
Marathon Monday: 15 weeksMy first week of training is done (yay!), and while it was insanely hot, I managed to fit in all my runs, stay on pace, and not melt. My right IT band is acting up a smidgen but otherwise I feel awesome and on track! 
Sunday I ran the B.A.A 10K with Alex and Jennifer and had an absolute blast. Since I needed to do a 10-miler that day, I ran the 4 miles from my home to the start line (like a total bad ass). Unfortunately, I got caught up in race day excitement and ran 30 seconds faster per mile than my training schedule dictated. Oops!
And speaking of training schedules, here's mine (per request)

Marathon Monday: 15 weeks

(Yes. I keep my training schedule in an Excel spreadsheet. And I color-code it. It's all good. )

This plan is a mix of Runner's World Smartcoach and an intermediate marathon plan from the Runner's World magazine. It took me an embarrassingly long time to come up with it but I'm quite happy (and confident) with the end result. 
Plus, it's pretty to look at
To go: 15 weeks | 414.2 miles Completed: 1 week | 19.5 milesIf you missed it: Week 16
P.S.  -- I'm SUPER excited to be featured in The Saga of a Twenty-Something and The Scribble Pad's Nine to Five series today! I'm wearing bright neon pink pants and talking about my day job. Read ithereandhere

Marathon Monday: 15 weeks

Outfit details.

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