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Marathon Monday: 12 Weeks

By Alustforallseasons @bgstrzelczyk

Marathon Monday: 12 weeks

I'm a total running nerd so I love the weekly tongue-in-cheek "motivational" posters by Runner's World. You can check them all out here

I can't believe I have four weeks of training complete! Craziness.
All my hydrating and healthy eating paid off, and I had one of my best runs ever last Thursday. A 5 mile tempo, in which I did 3 miles at a 7:44 min/mile. If it sounds like I'm bragging, well, I am. I felt like the woman in the above poster. Peggy Sue joined me but she's not bragging since a 7:44 min/mile pace is a walk in the park for her. Literally. She was speed walking the entire 5 miles. Bitch. 
So yes! Everything was going exceedingly well and I was prepared to write an entire I'M GOING TO QUALIFY FOR BOSTON post. But then Saturday's long run (12 miles) happened and things went sour. My stupid STUPID IT band started acting up yet again. So much so, that I had to skip the Color Me Rad 5K Sunday and leave poor Alex and Danielle hanging at 6 a.m. I'm stretching and icing nonstop, and I'm hoping that all the strengthening I'm doing at Bar Method (which I'm OBSESSED with) will start to pay off soon.
If anyone has any advice on getting over IT band pain PLEASE share! I'm pretty much up for anything. And if you're also suffering from IT band pain (sorry, friend!), make sure you check out this Runner's World article. Super helpful!
To go: 12 weeks | 347.2 miles  Completed: 4 week | 73.42 miles If you missed it: Week 16 | Week 15  | Week 14 | Week 13

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