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"Maniac" Monday!

By Hpranitis @_thisandthat_
Well, well, well...2012 is here.  And it's here with a vengeance.  I'm really looking forward to the realm of exciting possibilities for the upcoming year.  And not just for me but, for all of those in my life.  All of you.  Yes, every single one of you that are a part of my life - no matter how small or big. 
And I'm looking forward to 2012 and the emphasis on "me".  Yes, me.  I am putting an extraordinary amount of emphasis onto me this year rather onto others.  Don't misunderstand what I mean...I will still be my usual self however, I am going to come first.  Well, we will see about this.  I'm going to try very hard for "me" to be first however, most of the time I put others first - it's just my nature.  So, wish me luck in my new endeavor.  It's funny I know. 
So, today is "maniac" because I'm going to hit it really hard at the gym this evening.  I'm going to exert all of my stress from the day out.  Cardio and weights.  Plus, I really look how I "feel" as I am working out and directly after.  Yes, the endorphins I know.  I love it.
Have a fabulous day.  Wish me luck in the gym.

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