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Manggahan Part 2!

By Switpie @SwitPaie
We kind of like the food in Manggahan and I was searching in google yesterday for some other food they offer and saw some appetizing once. So went back and dine again, this time we have a different menu (Chicken Barbeque and Pork Barbeque is still present, though). This time we have this “Kyampao ug Tausi”, it’s steamed sting ray in a savory fermented black bean and some spices that took away the “odor” of the sting ray itself. We also tried their Pork sisig, not that good though coz it was like dried pork skin with a mix of chicharon with less salt. It’s more of a “dry” sisig, it lacks the sisig tastes. But it’s worth trying. You might like it, we sure do not have the same taste. We were expecting a sisig that will convince us to go back to have some more. For desert, we had the Turon ni Tatang. It’s a wrapped piece of banana in a creamy vanilla ice cream with a touch of chocolate syrup. Sounds real good but our expectations were too much again. Maybe because we lost our appetite waiting for it for almost an hour. The resto is in soft opening though so I understand their slow service. Garfield can’t wait and dislikes it.

Anyway. Here are the pics we took. It’s not that good since I don’t have a good camera with me. SOme are Garfield’s.

Manggahan Part 2!
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