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By Switpie @SwitPaie
I’ve heard a lot about this juicing thing. That there are a lot of benefits form it not just for slimming but also in protecting your cardiovascular system. So here is whay I found. Incorporating fruits and vegetables in your diet supports cardiovascular health, helps prevent some types of cancer and aids in weight management. Juicing is a quick and easy way to get your daily fruits and vegetables in one sitting. Carrots and apples are ideal choices with their rich nutrient contents. The sweetness of apples leaves your juice tasting more like fruit than veggies. Ingredients Carrot and apple juice includes washed carrots and cored sweet apples. Do not peel the carrots or apples — many of the nutrients are in the skin and the juice does not taste different either way. On average, four large carrots and one large apple yields 1 cup of juiced carrots and apples. For the sweetest flavor, use a red, golden delicious or Fuji apple. Use a juicer that does not extract pulp to prevent detracting from the nutritional value — if you do not have one available, use a blender. Adding sweeteners or other ingredients affects the nutritional profile of the juice. [...]

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