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Managing Stress and Priorities

By Combi31 @combi31

Managing Stress and Priorities

Duration – 2 days

Course Objectives

fter attending this 2-day course, participants will be able to effectively plan & prioritise their work, manage interruptions and time wasters, beat work overload and avoid burnout. This seminar will help you to use effective time management skills, practical techniques which help you to reach peak effectiveness in your career.

These skills help you to become highly effective by helping you to identify and focus on activities that give the greatest returns. Investing in these techniques will actually save you time, helping you to work smarter, not harder.

Although the seminar is about learning, we also devote time to creating self-awareness about where your time goes and about the things that you value most.

What is stress ?

What are the symptoms of stress & burnout ?

What does stress cost the company and yourselves ?

Stress Management & de-stressing techniques.

Techniques for goal setting & planning strategies

Learn how to delegate and what can be delegated

Managing interruptions on a daily basis – working in Open Space environments.

Managing E-Mails – gain time and reduce stress.

Managing your boss

Learning how to say « No »

Using tools to manage time

What type of organiser are you ?

Keeping your objectives in sight.

Overcoming procrastination

Creating an « Urgency / Importance » matrix

Thought awareness – Positive / rational thinking.

Critical success factors – identifying missions & goals

Why process time is important

Your productivity curve.

Programme :

  • Participants will leave the seminar with tools and techniques that will help them straight away, to more effectively plan priorities, manage stress and time and start to manage their time rather than time managing them.

DURATION: 2 days; 14 hours

  • What is Stress ?
  • Evaluate your stress levels
  • Identify situations that cause you stress
  • Identify actions which cause you stress
  • Develop strategies for changing both stressful situations & actions.
  • Develop strategies to manage stressful situations & actions that can’t be changed
  • Stress relief techniques
  • Where does your time go ? Why do you lose time ?
  • Using effective time planning & management tools
  • Your productivity curve
  • What kind of Time manager are you ?
  • Mindmapping your time & priorities
  • Urgent / important matrix planning
  • Managing interruptions – What do interruptions cost you ?
  • Evaluating your work situation
  • Clarifying goals & objectives
  • Learning to say « no » when necessary
  • What is effective delegation ?
  • Techniques to effectively manage delegation
  • Managing E-Mail before it manages you.
  • Creating & focusing on Motivating objectives
  • Manage by delegation
  • Recognising & avoiding procrastination.
  • Identifying your « Prime Time » and « Down Time »
  • Techniques for Meeting management
  • Time saving techniques

Prerequisites :A good working knowledge of English.

What you receive:

  • Complete package for running 2 day “Managing Stress and Priorities” seminars
  • Powerpoint training slides
  • Printable trainees handbooks
  • Full trainer handbook with step-by-step instructions for running the course
  • Activities and ice-breakers
  • Self-evaluation sheets for trainees
  • Training activity handouts
  • Pricing policy for your training seminars
  • Printable trainees feedback for trainer sheets
  • Marketing materials for your courses
  • Licence to use the package for one trainer
  • E-mail support to help you run great seminars

Managing Stress and Priorities

All of this for the one-time price of 350€ !

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