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Man Wins Dumpling Eating Contest, Then Dies

By Gerard @presurfer
Man Wins Dumpling Eating Contest, Then Diesimage credit
A Ukraine dumpling-eating contest - in the town of Tokmak - to find the person who could eat 10 of the dough balls most quickly went horribly wrong when the 77-year-old champion keeled over and died. The winner, Ivan Mendel, had just won his prize, a one-litre jar of sour cream, when he began to feel ill.
Dumplings, known in Ukraine as vareniki, are a staple of the regional diet; they are usually stuffed with mushrooms, potatoes or cherries. Organisers of the contest said the dumplings they used - filled with potatoes - had been frozen and packaged and bought from a local supermarket.The Presurfer

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