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Maleficent's Paper Mache Son

By Danmonsterman @danmonsterman
Hello everyone,
I know, I know, I was supposed to get back with another post about Naga, my paper mache snake.   But I've been busy.  Aren't we all.   Some of you might recall that last year I took on a commission to make "Maleficent", the dragon from the classic Disney movie "Sleeping Beauty."   I had only one photo from the movie to work with (I have this photo, and the Maleficent I made below).   It turned out to be a very popular piece.   So I decided to make her son.  I'll bet you didn't know she had a son!   Well, she did.   How do I know?   Because I have his head on my wall.   Here it is.
Maleficent's Paper Mache son
I wanted the son to be more aggressive have more of everything.  So I added a lot more horns and more detail in every respect.
Yes, I added l.e.d. lights like I did with Maleficent, red this time.   I have little micro-switches behind the ears to turn them on and off.   Of course the lights look much better when it's darker.  But I wanted you to see the details of the trophy, so I shot these photos in the daylight.
These lights are battery operated (I didn't want a chord coming off the trophy) so you can't just leave them constantly lit.   For the majority of the time they will be turned off.   So the trophy has to look good even with the lights off.  Here is the trophy with the lights off.   Personally, I think the white-ish eyes look great.   Here are views from two sides.
Maleficent's Paper Mache son
Maleficent's Paper Mache son
And, here is one with me in the photo so that you get a sense of scale. 
Maleficent's Paper Mache son
And, in case you forgot, or never saw them, here are photos of the original Maleficent commission along with the cartoon I used as a guide.
Maleficent's Paper Mache son Maleficent's Paper Mache son
I've been working on this project for a while now.   I will show some of the steps in future posts (I really will).   I also shot video of the making of this project.  So I'll have one of my time-lapsed videos to go along with it.   I'll let you know when that's done.
Now I'm sure that there are Disney purists out there who will hate this project.   It will be seen as sacrilegious to mess around with the original (much less suggest that Maleficent had a baby!).   To those people I can only's just a cartoon.  
Thanks as always for stopping by, and for your patience.

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