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Male Psychic Perception

By Psychicillumination @psychicdad

Male Psychic PerceptionPsychic abilities have many applications. Of course, most of us are familiar with them through traditional psychic readings. Certainly customers ask about career and family, but overwhelmingly most customers are women asking about love and romance…especially this time of year.

I found my Sweetheart Valerie through my psychic abilities as she did me. And even though she is the most important person in the world to me outside of our children, I am goal-driven. I want to get stuff done. I want to mow the lawn, fix the broken faucet and clean out the garage. I want to do earthy things that I can accomplish with my hands.

I can certainly be abstract and handle complex ideas, but I am still task-oriented. I want to make the sale, gather the psychic data, and make that stubborn program work on my laptop! As a man, those same desires cross over into psychic perception. While I am very relationship oriented and very communicative, I’m still a man. Valerie has already promised me that she is going to reveal to the public, and ladies in particular, just how much I grunt in response to her questions.


Male Psychic Perception
I believe she has accused me of being a caveman on several occasions during the last week.

As a man, I have very different interests when it comes to how I use my psychic abilities. What do I want to know about?

  • What my business opportunities are going to be like in the next several weeks?
  • How did Julius Caesar really die?
  • Did John Wilkes Booth really act alone when he assassinated Presient Lincoln?
  • What really crashed in Roswell in 1947?
  • Which team will win the Superbowl next year?
  • What treatment should I use for my sick child?
  • Where is Blackbeard’s treasure buried and is it retrievable?
  • Is the mist in that ‘ghost photograph’ really a ghost?
  • Which stocks should I invest in to make a profit?
  • Did Jesus really die on the cross?
  • What’s that weird looking structured photographed on the surface of Mars?
  • Where is that missing person? Are they still alive?
  • Who shot President Kennedy?
  • Where is the best place for my family to live?

As you can see, the topics that interest me are not your typical relationship questions. And I think it’s the same way with most men. And as a natural psychic with 15 years of reading experience and a trained Remote Viewer with seven years of experience, I have answered the questions above; I use them as examples.

Men need to get more involved with psychic perception and it’s practically applications. It’s not all about relationships.

There are technical discoveries to be made, like finding the next super strong metal for building or the most effective cure for cancer. There are new power systems to be developed, new books to be written and new food production methods to utilize for our growing population. While women are certainly involved in these fields, these are mainly male dominated activities. And men need to start using their intuition in order to navigate the dangerous territory ahead.

Psychic abilities have many practical applications besides gazing into relationships. Come on men, let’s get to work! 

Male Psychic Perception


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