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Making The Affordable Care Act More Affordable

By Eowyn @DrEowyn
Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel



No mention of his interest as chief architect of Obamacare


NEW YORK – Missing in The Atlantic magazine’s recent presentation of Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel’s column declaring his desire to die at age 75 is the fact that he is a chief architect of Obamacare, with a vested interest in curbing life expectancy in a system of limited resources that forces moral decisions concerning who will receive health care and who will not…

Sound of screeching brakes!!!!
Incase you didn’t connect the dots, this doctor (Rahm Emanuel’s brother) is an author of ObamaCare and wants us to DIE AT 75!!!!!!!!

This article is filled with references to the abuse Sarah Palin received for warning us about Death Panels. It demonstrates the DoubleSpeak of the Obama administration, and its reliance on euphemistic names to cover up its true intentions. 

But for me, one of the most chilling parts of the article is the happy-gram Dr. Emanuel used to illustrate his reason for ridding society of those who have exhausted their usefulness. Take a look, and see what I mean. 

…Emanuel paints a dismal picture of the elderly, writing: “Even if we aren’t demented, our mental functioning deteriorates as we grow older. Age-associated declines in mental-processing speed, working and long-term memory, and problem-solving are well established. Conversely, distractibility increases. We cannot focus and stay with a project as well as we could when we were young. As we move slower with age, we also think slower.”

By age 75, Emanuel figures that “creativity, originality, and productivity are pretty much gone for the vast, vast majority of us.”

He produced the following chart to make his point:



So listen up, all you older types. The president and his “men” what you to do the right thing, and die at 75. And whatever you do, DON’T VOTE.

~ TD

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