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Making a Living As a Food Blogger

By Chuck Underwood @brandnewvegan

Fat Free Bruschetta 2

My dear readers, there’s something I simply HAVE to talk to you about.

As you know, I am a Food Blogger.

I create recipes, cook them, and then share the results with you via my blog.

Why? Because I love this job!

I love sharing with you. I love reading all your wonderful comments. I love to see you getting healthier, skinnier, and getting off your meds.

And I absolutely LOVE proving all those naysayers wrong who say that food doesn’t matter to good health, or that OUR food doesn’t taste good.

It truly is a labor of love… and as a food blogger I couldn’t be happier.

BUT….as you probably know, it does cost money to do this.

Maybe you don’t realize just how much:

DOMAIN NAME : My name – costs money to renew every year. It’s not a whole lot – but it is an expense I have to pay to keep my site going.

HOSTING FEES: All my posts and photos sit on a server somewhere, and I have to pay rent on that server space – it’s called web hosting and trust me – it’s not cheap. And the more of you that follow me and visit my blog – the more it costs.

Too many people all visiting at once on cheap, inexpensive hosting would cause the whole site to crash (it’s already happened several times) so I have to constantly upgrade.

If I stop paying hosting fees – they take my blog away.

MISCELLANEOUS COSTS: I occasionally have to buy software to install to my blog – little plugins that do certain things – like display the recipes in those cute little boxes so you can print them out.

I also buy books from time to time, so I can learn how to be a better blogger, or take better pictures, style the food, etc.

And believe it or not – Food Bloggers usually have another whole cabinet of plates, dishes, and various food props – just to make their pictures more inviting.  I haven’t invested a lot in that – yet …..  but I can see it coming one day.

EQUIPMENT: Last year I had to buy a new camera, so I could take better pictures, because in the Food Blogging business – photos are EVERYTHING and smartphone pics just won’t cut it anymore.

And even though I bought the absolute basic camera I could find – it was still like $700! And I know other photographers who spend more than that just for a new lens! Camera equipment is CRAZY.

E-MAIL MANAGEMENT: My subscriber list to my monthly newsletter just surpassed 2000 people – meaning I’ll have to start paying that company now to continue using their service (they offer your first 2000 for free and I passed that this weekend).

FOOD: Sometimes I end up at the grocery store several times a week for supplies – just to make a new recipe or two.

TIME: And the biggest cost of all – obviously is my TIME.

I explained last week on Facebook just what goes into every single recipe I post, from the creation, to the cooking, to the photo shoot, and then the writing, editing, and marketing to social media.

It’s A Lot Of Work!

But as I said earlier – I LOVE THIS JOB and wouldn’t change a thing.

But that’s just the thing… IS a job. (and right now the only one I have)

So in order to compensate for my time and expenses – I do have to bring in an income – anyway I can.

Right now I do this 3 different ways.

  1. DONATIONS: I have a DONATE button on my blog – and many of you have graciously donated money to help keep my site running.
  2. EBOOKS: I published my first eBook several months ago and have it for sale on my site. And there will be more coming.
  3. BLOG ADS……..

And THIS….is what I wanted to talk to you about….  

Blog Ads

You HATE them!

Trust me…. I do too!

They are annoying, intrusive, and sometimes make your whole computer or phone lock up.  And I know this because you’ve told me…many times.

You’ve even told me you no longer visit my site because of them.

And I just wanted to say I’M SORRY!

But I HAVE to make a living. It’s as simple as that.

Several months ago I was managing 5 different types of ads from just as many different ad companies – and making $300 a month – in a GOOD month…..maybe.  I recently switched to one single Ad Company who manages ALL the ads for me – and last month made almost $500.

I can’t just make that money go away by turning off all the ads. I have a mortgage every month to pay too – just like you.  Trust me – if there was some way I could turn off all the ads and STILL make a living – I would do it in a heartbeat.

Even with what little I make right now it’s not enough to live on – so I’m still looking for work. But every little bit DOES help.

So I just wanted to say, I HEAR YOU, I do LISTEN, and I’m very, very, SORRY – but it is what it is.  I’m totally open for ideas – so if you can think of a better solution – I’m all ears.  Contact me.

One day I do hope to be able to turn off all the ads…..but in the meantime…

I do hope and pray that you will forgive the intrusion and still opt to hang out with me.

It really wouldn’t be the same without you!


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