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Making a Book from Your Collection

By Cassiefairy @Cassiefairy
  1. A lot of us have collections, but how often do we really do something with them? I recently came across an article by Kent Hall, Blurb Brand Ambassador, about how to make a real book about things that you collect. It turns out that all you really need is a camera, a passion for the thing you collect, and Blurb’s free book-making tool. So read on and find out how a camera collector made a book of his camera collection.

Making a book from your collection1) Photograph your collection: The big thing here is to be consistent with your lighting and focus distance. You don’t need studio lights—in fact natural light is usually best. Shoot next to a window that doesn’t get direct sunlight. Use a big piece of white posterboard to bounce the light from the other side so you get nice, consistent tones. And forget the flash in most cases. (oh, and don’t forget to give your items a good dusting first)
2) Do some research: What makes the things in your collection special? Chances are you already know, but take some time to put your thoughts down.
3) Get the right tool: Download Blurb BookWright , Blurb’s free book design program.
4) Put it all together: BookWright is great for text and photos. Just choose (or make) a layout that works for your collection. Drop in your photos and your text. You can even make an ebook at the same time.
5) Put your book for sale on or Amazon: Share your passion with fellow collectors (and make a little money on the side).

So you can start a whole new collection of books about your collection. Hubby too has an amazing camera collection and I think this would be a great summer holiday project! :)


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Making a book from your collection

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