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Makeup & Skincare Essentials in Your Travel Bag

By Parinaaz Mehta @pdm28

Hello girls!!!! Travelling is something that can make your skin really tired and dry if you do not take care while travelling. If you are travel sick or car sick like me, then it can do a lot damage to you physically and mentally. In Today's post I am going share some of my experiences while travelling and what all should you carry while travelling to make your journey comfortable. I will share some health and skincare tips with you guys. Travelling essentials will change as per conditions of the place where you are going.

1. A sling Bag or Backpack:

This is completely a personal choice, if it is a day trip i will choose the sling, but it for more than a day, make sure to carry a good spacious bag so then you can fit clothes and shopping stuff if you have any. I always keep smalls bag handy, there are of great help when you shop unexpectedly at places.

Always carry wet and dry face tissues where ever you go, they extremely useful to get rid of dirt, sweat and sometimes they uplift your mood with some good fragrance making you feel refreshed.

People like me who cannot afford to sit, backseat, due to car sickness should carry ginger lemon sweets or anything that has a hint of lemon or ginger, it really helps in keeping your head steady and get rid of giddiness or nausea.

Something that i have incorporated lately in my travel bag, have never used it on anybody but it gives you a lot confidence to travel alone. Keep it handy in the sling bag.

Always carry a good cleansing gel for summer and cream based foam for winter. These really come to your rescue. If you often breakout during travel like a I do, then carry a face wash that has salicylic acid or hydrolysed salicylic, they go a long way to calm down the growth or pimples and redness.

For those who have an oily skin and open pores, please carry a good toner of your choice, it helps you in keeping fresh and clean.

Depending on your choice and preference carry a lip balm or tints that have moisturising properties and also if you are travelling in summer make sure lip balms have SPF in it.

9. Deodrants /Roll ons/ Antiperspirant/ Perfume

They play a good role of mode uplifters and keep you fresh all through the day. I will suggest to carry a deodorant if its a day trip, if its a night trip and you are going to party or attend a meeting opt for a perfume. Always keep the small tester bottles so can carry more perfumes of your choice.

Always carry a multipurpose knife, they are quite useful. A stitch in times saves nine

11. Night serum/ under eye cream/ Concealers

Concealers are the secret to the universe, always carry them. They make you look fresh when you have puffy eyes and are sleep deprived. Use under eye creams, to relax eyes as they get tried and are most affected by sun and excess exposure to laptops/PC's

12. Loose Powders/ Compacts

You can pick anyone of your choice, in summer loose powders work efficiently in soaking excess oil and in winters opt for a cream compact, to get nice dewy and even tone.

I have tried to compile almost all essentials you should carry when you travel. If some of you think, there is something i have not included feel free to comment below in the comment box. Hope you guys enjoy reading the post.

Disclaimer: images in this post are from google.

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