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Makes Me Wanna Stay…

By Stacylrust

Dave Matthews gets it. The song “Stay” says it all…

All of his music makes me wanna stay… and listen to more Dave.

Disney World makes me wanna stay. The moments. The magic. Everything perfect and pristine. A fairytale come to life.

Drinking Coronas on the beach in Mexico… the sunshine, the sand, and the fresh, salty air. It makes me wanna stay for awhile.

Bonfires with sweatshirts and good friends, the view from the top of a mountain in Vail, the Manhattan skyline, a five-star hotel spa, Anthropologie, Lady Gaga videos, Brene Brown’s writing, Jimmy Fallon, going for a run around a calm lake early in the morning before anybody wakes up…

It all makes me wanna stay. I can get lost in these places because they’re just so damn good.

“Whether right or wrong… it makes us wanna stay for awhile…”

“For a moment, this good time would never end”

When you look at your store, your blog, your event… does it make you wanna stay? Does it make you wanna linger, click around, check everything out, and hang?

Does it make you feel simultaneously energized and mesmerized? As if you want to go conquer the world, but also sit, stare, read, watch, and soak in every last drop.

It’s hard to describe, but you know it when you feel it.

And it makes you wanna stay.

If you’re looking for your next great idea, follow that feeling. Notice the things that make you feel that way, like you never want to leave. Follow that and create more of it for others.

If there were any secret to a great business and a great life, this would be it…

Make people want to stay for awhile.

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