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Make Your Own Kombucha

By Whollykao @whollyKao

Hi, happy summer! I have officially been ‘doing my own thing’ (i.e. the jewelry thing) for more than 6 months now, and boy has time flown. About two months ago, my friend Thuy and I decided to try making our own kombucha. Four batches later, I’m hooked.

The process is pretty easy, and I love how much money I save by making my own. I also like that you can get as creative as you want with the flavors. So far, the best kind I’ve made was Jasmine Green Tea + Mango Lemonade. And in the Texas summer, a cold fruity kombucha is quite refreshing to drink!

When we made our first batch, both Thuy and I were skeeved out by the kombucha Mother (aka the scoby). The Mother is the bacteria culture that ferments the tea into kombucha. For anyone who hasn’t seen one before, it looks like some sort of solid bacterial growth (and smells sour too!)

The cool thing about the Mother is that you can keep using it to make more. You can also cut it into pieces and share them with your friends that want to make their own. It’s like the gift that keeps giving!

If you’re into kombucha, I strongly urge you to try making your own. If anyone has any additional tips they’d like to share (or any favorite flavor combinations), please let me know!
*If you’re brewing this for the first time (and you don’t have access to a Mother, I’d recommend buying a kit. The one Thuy and I used was from Oregon Kombucha)

Kombucha Tea Recipe (using an existing scoby)
-1 gallon water
-1 cup white sugar
-12 tea bags
-1 cup old kombucha + the Mother

Brewing the tea
1) Boil 1 gallon of water. Once water has boiled, steep the tea bags (green tea steeps for approx 3 minutes, black tea needs 4), then remove and discard the tea bags.

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