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Make Your Mani Last.

By Maddy1704 @unstitchedd
Make your Mani Last.
Whilst the colours that grace my nails get quite a lot of press on this here blog, it recently occurred to me that perhaps the actual reason that they perform so well is because of a couple of behind the scenes products that protect, shine and perfect my nail polish, transforming it from the ordinary to extraordinary. 
For me, painting my nails has become a once weekly Sunday affair, and it never has to be more than this, because I know that if I spend enough time on it, my nails can last that whole week, seemingly no matter the quality of the color polish. As a base, I use my Sally Hansen Double Duty, which helps prime the nail, ready for nail polish application. It dries quickly, with a velvet-y feel finish (main reason why I don't use it as a top coat as well) which really helps the color adhere, almost 'sticking' it down, and ensuring that you get that long lasting finish, without staining the nail underneath. For top coat, it couldn't be anything other than Seche Vite Top Coat, which I have completely fallen in love with. Best used when the polish is still slightly wet, you can just dob a bit of this on, and brush it gently over the nail, which smooths out the color (perfect for any slightly streaky formulas that you may own) as well as providing a finish as glossy as glass, and something that will trick everyone into thinking that you shelled out for gel nails. 
A bit like a security blanket, I rely on my base and top coat to protect my mani, and therefore think it is worth investing a little more into them if you really want your mani to last. Although my picks still aren't expensive when compared with other beauty products, it can be a pain when there are so many cheaper options out there, but if you want to make it last, I don't think there is any option. 
What are you thoughts, do you pay slightly more for base and top coats to help your manicure to last? 

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