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Make Sure You Stay a Couple (even with Kids)

By Rhodainpittsburgh
Make Sure You Stay a Couple (even with kids)

Relationships can be suffocated if parents become so child-focused that they forget about being a couple. The "US" of being a couple should not be erased. The US is the third entity of every couple that requires care & nurturing

When couples come to see me I will use a prop to demonstrate there is an US, not just 2 individuals. It's important to recognize the US needs to grow & breathe. It's more than the sum of it's parts.

Get a babysitter & go out twice a month to remember who you are as a couple. Don't give up your sex life because you are exhausted. Make time to talk & share without every conversation about your children.

Stay curious & interested in each other.

I ask my couples when was the last time you had fun & they look at each other & dredge up some memory 2,3 or 4 months ago. This is unacceptable. While fun as a family matters so does fun as a couple.

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