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Make Someone Pay

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

At an early age, my father taught me to make someone pay for bad games,
 slumps, and losing streaks.  It is

Don't beat yourself up.  Make some else pay.

Don’t beat yourself up. Make someone else pay.

good advice for individual
 players and teams alike. 

Baseball has a way of mentally wearing you down over time.  When it 
does, it becomes very easy to lash out at yourself, teammates, and/or
 coaches.  Channeled in that direction, the frustration the game
 naturally creates can be very damaging.   But not if directed another
  After a bad game, a player can stay calm and say to himself … “I
 played bad today and tomorrow’s pitcher is going to pay the price.”
 Doing so as an individual or collectively as a team helps to channel 
this emotion in a more positive way so as to keep the player or team 
moving forward.  It also prevents teams from pointing fingers and coming
 apart at the seams because it directs their frustration at opposing 
teams instead of their own.

The next time a bad game occurs, let that emotional flame flicker
 inside but make sure it doesn’t burn you up.  Instead, make someone else pay.

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