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Make Shoes Smell New

By Jadato @jadatonet
Hi readers!
Today is technically my TGIF because I leave to see my family in Pennsylvania after work tonight. I was researching a few new idea articles last night and found a great one to make flats smell new again. For all my female and male readers out there this is a great one for you; your feet will appreciate it also. I am notorious for not wearing socks with my flat shoes and I know they would look ridiculous with them anyways. Summer is just around the corner and I wanted to give this tip to readers needing to make their feet stay fresh. Guys or girls all wear those flats and sandals out everywhere during Summer so these steps will help keep you shoes lasting way past their prime. Let's go ahead and being the tutorial shall we?
Make Shoes Smell New
Make Shoes Smell New
Flats have the notorious reputation for being the most smelly shoes within a women’s closet. Part of the shoes problem exists in the way that they are worn on a regular basis without the use of nylons or socks to conceal dead skin particles or foot sweat. This creates a rich moist environment for bacteria to call home and the propagate. (Gross I know)

Smell Removal Tips of Flats (Source:

1Baking Soda

Make Shoes Smell NewThis household powder has wonderful absorption capabilities and does a great job in pulling in unwelcome foot-related odors. Before going to bed, try to sprinkle one or two teaspoons of baking soda within the shoes, and proceed to shuffle them until the powder has made its way to the toe area of the flats. Once complete, allow the shoes to sit over night to freshen up. If one night does not do the job, repeat this practice nightly until no odor remains within the shoes.

2 Activated Charcoal Inserts

Make Shoes Smell NewIf you have the time, this long-term solution can make sure that an odor never develops within your flats. Obtain an old pair of nylon leggings and cut the legs apart. Place 2-3 charcoal briquettes within each legging and tie an knot above the last briquette. Next, put the nylon enclosed charcoal briquettes within the flats, making sure that they are pushed all of the way down the the toe area. Finalized by placing the activated charcoal filled shoes within a shoe box and allowing to sit over night. This usually takes between 5-7 to effectively remove the odor from the interior of the shoes.

3 Coffee Grounds

Make Shoes Smell NewMost people associate this material with morning brew, but seldom know that it has powerful absorption capabilities. Fill four coffee ground filters with two teaspoons of coffee grounds each. Pull the loose ends of the filter together and bound closed with a rubber band. Once completed, place within the interior of each flat and allow the shoes to sit over night. If smells still remain after the first night, place these same filter back within the shoes for a seconnd or third night. If successful, the coffee grounds will have lifted the foot-related odor and replaced it with the subtile scent of coffee beans.

4 Kitty Litter

Make Shoes Smell New
This is usually used in deodorizing cat dropping and keeping thing sanitized within the home, however it can remain effective at deodorizing as well. Keep a small portion of fresh cat litter by your bed, and pour a small amount of this filling within each shoe nightly. The cat litter will work to dry out moist foot sweat and create an unsuitable environment for odorous bacteria.

5 Enzyme Dipped Paper Wads

Make Shoes Smell NewHarnessing the power of enzymes can work well at literally eating through the organic odors within the flats. Scrunch up several paper towels and lightly dip the tips within a small bowl of enzyme deodorizing solution. Next, stuff the paper towels down within the interior of the shoes and allow 24-48 hours for the cleaning solution to eliminate the foot related odors. Once this time has passed, remove the enzyme dipped paper wads and place flats outside within the sun to finalize the freshening process.

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