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Make Money From Home Using Fiverr Simple Methods

Posted on the 27 June 2018 by Martins97

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Making money online is the new kid in the block. Everybody is drifting away from the traditional ways of earning an income. We all want to work in the comfort of our homes. One of the easiest and quickest ways of making money while staying in the house is by using Fiverr.

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What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace where sellers and buyers meet to make transactions. Fiver provides you with the opportunity to sell services you are best at as from 5 dollars.

Services currently available on Fiverr range from making testimonial videos, article writing, blogging, graphic designs, and excreta.

The service that you offer on Fiverr are called GIGS

Steps on how to make money using Fiverr

Make Money From Home Using Fiverr Simple Methods

Opening an account with fiver is free of charge. After opening your account, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the website so has to know how to go around it. Take your time to check out on the best-selling gigs on YouTube videos and articles.

Once you are familiarized with the website, create your gig. A gig can be anything you do best, maybe singing, and dancing, drawing or graphic designs.

Always make sure the titles of your gigs are short, precise and clear. Additionally, you can borrow ideas you got from reading articles and YouTube videos to help you create a gig.

To get your first client quickly, it's essential to develop a gig that is highly marketable. According to my research, social media promotion and article writing are some of the marketable gigs in Fiverr.

This process requires you to provide more details on what you will offer on your gigs. For example, if you have created a gig, I will assist in article writing.

Under gig description, you can say I will write 500 words for 10$.

You can also get some few ideas on how to write a gig description from some of the top sellers on the site.

Notably, you should not copy paste their gig description because you might get banned. When setting your gig, it is essential to incorporate some keywords and tags so has to increase your ranking whenever a client is searching for a service you provide.

Creating an image for your gig raises its presentation which can, in turn, attract clients. When creating a photo for your gig, choose pictures related to your gig to avoid contradiction.

You can obtain images free of charge from Google, or you can buy photographs at shutter stock for as low as 5 dollars.

Creating a video for your gig is optional. Videos are essential in building a positive impression on your gig and also serves as a more accessible tool for advertising yourself

Steps on how to increase your gig ranking
Make Money From Home Using Fiverr Simple Methods

Increasing your gig ranking is very vital for the sole purpose of getting clients. Getting your first job on Fiverr can be a daunting task at times, but with few tricks, you can never go wrong.

Here are some of the secrets have used to increase my gig ranking which later results in you getting jobs.

Getting your first gig can at times take longer than expected. But to reduce this time span, you can create a dummy account.

Buy a gig at your original account and give it a 5-star positive review. These reviews are critical because they are the first thing a client looks for before giving you a job. Having a positive review increases your chances of getting jobs.

Send at least 200 visitors to your gig to improve its impression. Having a high impression on your gig makes it more visible to other Fiverr users who can attract sales in the long run.


Fiverr for many years have been used a tool for generating income with little effort. It's still not too late to join the ever-increasing online users that make millions working in Fiverr. Think I'm kidding, click this link and see how your life can change too.

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