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Make Me Mod! Top 10 'Mad Men' Essentials

By Gerard @presurfer
Make Me Mod! Top 10 'Mad Men' Essentials
With the return of 'Mad Men' to AMC this Sunday, Sterling Cooper's attractive staff will raise the bar for contemporary cubicle-dwellers for the fifth season in a row. Along with the show's cast, we'll be thrown into the turbulence of 1966, when neon-colored plastic and the ubiquitous Twiggy kicked Mid-Century Modern to the curb.
No doubt the characters will weather radically shifting social norms, a polarizing foreign war, and all kinds of inappropriate office politics with the grace of dapper, blueblood New Yorkers, martinis always in hand. Here are 10 Mod essentials, circa 1966-ish, to smarten up your workday and make you feel worthy of Roger Sterling's approval.
(thanks Lisa)The Presurfer

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