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Make a Moss Shamrock for Your Door

By Thehousethatlarsbuilt @houselarsbuilt
Make a moss shamrock for your door
Make a moss shamrock for your door I'm all over any holiday with a specific color palette. Christmas: red and green. Valentines' day: pink and red. Columbus day? When was the last time you decorated for Columbus Day? Maybe law-makers need to make the official color yellow or something. Wouldn't you be all over Columbus Day then? Already, I digress. St. Patrick's Day: green! I love me some green! I also like St. Patty's because I am part Irish. My grandmother was full-blooded Irish, though born in Brooklyn. So, of course, we need to jazz up the door. I made a shamrock wreath last year, but wanted to try something different this year.
Make a moss shamrock for your door
You will need: tacky tinsel shamrock to use as a base (I bought mine at 40% off at Michael's but this one on Amazon appears to be the same), moss, glue gun, paper, scissors. sharpie, floral cutters
Step 1: The tinsel is wrapped around the plastic frame so just start by taking it off. Step 2: See the little do-hahs (proper name?) on the perimeter? I cut those off with floral cutters. Make a moss shamrock for your door Step 3: With a sharpie I traced the shape of the shamrock onto paper Step 4: Cut the individual pieces out. Step 5: Glue the paper pieces onto the frame. This will create a space where the moss can be glued. Step 6: Start gluing on the pieces of moss. If you buy the right moss you should have no problem patching it together. The wrong moss will look piecy, the right moss will make it look seamless. The bag of moss I bought didn't indicate what type it was, but look for moss that that is held together by soil a bit. Make sure you really put down a lot of glue, especially if your shamrock is going outside. You don't want it to fly away or fall off with each door slam.
Donzo. Make a moss shamrock for your door Make a moss shamrock for your door  Happy shamrocking!

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