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Maine Passes Ranked Choice Voting

Posted on the 13 June 2018 by Doggone
One of the many reforms I would like to see in the US system of elections is Ranked Choice Voting. Maine just passed a referendum to make this the method for choosing candidates. I hope other jurisdictions adopt this system.
How does Ranked Choice Voting work? 
(from the Committed for Ranked Choice Voting)
RANKING YOUR CHOICES: Rank as many or as few candidates as you like from your favorite to your least favorite.
DECLARING A WINNER: Ballots are counted in rounds where the last-place candidates lose until one candidate reaches a majority and wins. If your first choice can’t win, your vote automatically counts for your second choice, so you never feel like your vote is wasted.
With Ranked Choice Voting, you have the freedom to vote for the candidate you like the best without worrying that you will help the candidate you like the least.

Maine Passes Ranked Choice Voting

June 12, 2018 Sample Ballot for the Maine Gubernatorial Primaries

A video on how Ranked Choice Voting works:
This is just one of Many changes that need to be made to the system, but it's an important one.
As I said before: The only way I would have even considered voting for Hillary Clinton would have been if ranked choice voting existed. And then I would have voted for her somewhere AFTER Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Roque de La Fuentes, and a write in for Bozo the Clown (not necessarily in that order).

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