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Main He 30 Eco Boiler Making Water Hammer Noise in Radiator..

By Futli @futlim

Job was in Barnfield Road, Burnt Oak. I fitted this boiler about a month ago. The client had a Potterton profile conventional boiler. I replaced it with this combi. Also remove tanks & the cylinder. Client had a difficulty paying the complete amount in full so I allow him one month to pay the balance.I went back to collect the payment and the client show me this problem. The radiator was making noise when the central heating is on. The problem was the loose jumper in the thermostatic radiator valve ( TRV). When the faulty TRV is closed, the noise completely stops, this confirms that the problem is in the TRV. ( because the jumper is in the closed to the tight position, it cannot vibrate). But soon as the TRV is open the noise returns. The phenomenon sometimes call as water hammer. The jumper start to oscillate to the water flow frequency, and the vibration travels along the pipe work. The answer to this problem is to change the faulty TRV. To do that the system water need to be drained. So I agreed to do this job latter. ( Today is 31st December…I need an early break..)

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