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Main Combi 24 HE Flame Failure & Burner on Lights Flashing Slow

By Futli @futlim

The boiler was in Wood End Lane, Northalt, UB5. Boiler goes to flame failure with two lights flashing slow. Central heating radiators were just warm, but no hot water. Outside temperature was -2 so I checked the condensate pipe, it was fine , not frozen. Lets look at the boiler manual… Eazy peezy… Faulty boiler temperature sensor. But which one, Flue thermostat, safety thermostat or the NTC…. Faulty sensor was diagnosed within 15 minutes. It is good that I keep parts for this boiler, so I gave the quote for the parts & labor. Well there was another problem, it was a rented flat, the tenant could not contact the Landlord to agree the price. I hate going to rented properties, always this problem. Never mind, tomorrow is another day!, I’ll go home and see my wife and baby now..

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