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Mail In

Posted on the 29 May 2020 by Steveawiggins @stawiggins

As the Republican war on democracy continues, I’m wondering about mail-in ballots.The good news is that I live in a state where such a thing is possible—there are just enough Democrats left to ensure that people can vote—but when you read of close races, particularly in Republican districts, disregarding mailed in ballots you have to wonder.A few weeks ago on national television Trump said that if everyone was allowed to vote Republicans would never be elected.It seems the alternative—cheating, that is—should be the game plan for retaining power.We tend to think of such things being employed by the many pseudo-democracies of the world.And I wonder who steps in to intervene when officials cheat.

Many world governments are dictatorships.The GOP would like that to be the case in the United States.Perpetual power where you don’t have to worry about women or African-Americans getting elected.It’s the rule not of law, but of complete and utter corruption.It’s rule that permits 100,000 people to die rather than being bothered to try to put safeguards into place.It’s rule that places the economy over the lives of those it’s supposed to benefit.No wonder it can’t be legitimately elected!Those of us who’ve been trained in morality, and who’ve even been schooled in it at work are told we should obey our leaders.Even if they wish to kill us, I suppose.

Mail In

So I’m sitting here wondering if I’m throwing away our one chance to ousting such dangerous ideas from Washington if I send in my ballot by mail.The party in power has openly admitted that it cheats to win.On the other hand, there are plenty of sick people out there, particularly in these parts.Do I want to stand in line with them, hoping they’ll keep six feet away?Are you allowed to vote wearing a mask and gloves?Where is the Lone Ranger when you need him most?My grandmother had a saying, “Where was Moses when the lights went out?”I often wondered what it meant.Said when someone walked into a room just too late to help, it seems to imply that even a miracle worker does no good if s/he arrives too late.Even Moses wore a mask when he came down the mountain with his face all shiny.But then, he didn’t have to worry about those in power cheating, and the orders came, so they believed, directly from above.

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