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Madhuri Dixit’s Diet and Fitness Secrets Revealed!

By Sangeetha

Madhuri Dixit 18 Madhuri Dixits Diet and Fitness Secrets Revealed!Its said a heroine’s career ends with her marriage in Bollywood. Well Madhuri Dixit Nene is one of the luckiest actresses who got a warm welcome inspite of the loong break she took post her marriage and mind you she is back with a bang!! Now take a look at this mom, looks drop dead gorgeous , has a flawless skin and a super fit body. How she maintains this even at this age ? This post is about Madhuri dixit’s diet and fitness secrets.

Madhuri Dixit is 46 years old now , but look the way she has taken care and maintained herself. Remember the song “Maar Daala !!”. Lets see how she remains this beautiful and fab.

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Madhuri Dixit08 Madhuri Dixits Diet and Fitness Secrets Revealed!

Madhuri Dixit’s Diet and Fitness Secrets

  1. Kathak and Workouts

The name Madhuri Dixit reminds you of her ” dhak dhak ” number or other hit dance numbers. As I mentioned earlier who can ever forget the beautiful ‘Chandramukhi’ from Devdas ? Well the secret for that beautiful figure is Kathak.

Madhuri practices Kathak thrice a week. She works out on the other two days. Her workout mainly consists of cardio, weights and yoga. She also loves to play outdoor games with her husband and children.

    2.  5-6 small and nutritious meals

Madhuri eats 5-6 small meals at regular intervals. She involves a lot of fruits and vegetables in her daily diet. She stays away from oily, fatty foods and has a low carb high protein diet.

3.  Hydration 

Madhuri makes it a point to have enough water so that she remains hydrated. She says a big no no to colas or other caffeine based drinks.

4.   Skin care

Madhuri believes in moisturization throughout the day and makes it a point to apply sunscreen. She is also endorsing Olay Regenerist and uses it on a daily basis.

5.   Hair care

Being a celebrity , Madhuri’s hair undergoes various styling treatments everyday. She makes it a point to have regular oil massages for her hair. For her hair , she also includes walnuts/ eggs/ spinach/ yogurt in her diet. She says ‘one should maintain vitamin and mineral intake’.

6.  Sleep

According to Madhuri ‘ the body needs rest to look alive, so sleep well and proper hours or you will show signs of dullness in your energy and in glow too.’ . She sleeps whenever possible.

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