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Madgicx Vs Mailchimp 2021: In-Depth Comparison ( Pros & Cons)

Posted on the 28 November 2021 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

Over the years, the act of marketing has evolved and changed. With the evolution of the market and its strategies, many tools have come into the picture. This article about Madgicx and Mailchimp introduces you to two such tools.

It is quite an agreeable assumption to make that the market has gone from changing over decades to changing over days, as trends overlap each other, miss each other entirely, or merge to form something completely new.

The industrialization and urbanization of cities meant the accessibility of technology. People had to adapt to the times and learn how to integrate technology with their daily lives. Earlier, online and internet advertisement reached an extremely small, selective, and specific audience. Now, all age groups use online spaces to conduct business, interact with people through art, music, and writing. People buy and sell, inform, and distribute via the internet. A similar industry has had to prosper.

The advertising industry right now is still evolving and will keep changing as people learn more and more creative ways to engage with buyers and customers. Advertisers have to work between many fine lines. How to be personal but not too personal that you exclude some audiences. How to be direct, but not commanding. How to persuade someone without causing them to become suspicious. Brands want to give a distinct, and consistent marketing experience but don't want to become redundant or boring.

There are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration. This means that as consumers and producers, we all need a strong enough platform that can keep up with all our trends. Marketing is not just general customer appeal, but rather a layered and complex experience created on a variety of different channels. A marketing platform does the job of managing consumer experience across different modes of communication. Companies can plug in their experiences onto the platform itself, which could help you with orchestrating all the different experiences for your audiences.

Madgicx Overview

Madgicx is a marketing platform that optimizes advertisements across social media, which is as close to its competitors. However, it is an AI-backed channel, which factors into the creative process of changing and editing advertisements across a multitude of platforms to best suit the target audience.

Madgicx vs Mailchimp 2021: In-Depth Comparison ( Pros & Cons)

It is a software that is known to be an all-in-one platform, and it is designed to be a solution to the problems of many marketers who want effective and quick change and control over their advertisements. It is a quick performance tool, with well-known customer support and problem-solving insights.

Mailchimp Overview

Mailchimp is a platform that would give you all the tools and integrations that would turn the insights provided by your audiences into a type of marketing experience that is more personalized alongside regular updates. To build your brand, you could have a better connection with your audiences with an award-winning customer support team which will be with you 24*7 to cater to your requirements and queries, over 250 app and plugin integrations and tools that you could unlock along your journey.

Madgicx vs Mailchimp 2021: In-Depth Comparison ( Pros & Cons)

With undoubtedly providing features, they are ranked 6th in terms of providing business marketing tools in terms of the email marketing category in 2019.

Because Madgicx and Mailchimp both are competitors under the same niche, there are certain common features that both the platforms provide, keeping aside the unique features that create a distinction between them. A few of the common features would be considered here to allow us to compare which platform is doing comparatively better in the same regards:

as a platform provides one type of pricing plan that involves businesses having leverage to opt according to the time frame that is more convenient to the business requirements.

Madgicx vs Mailchimp 2021: In-Depth Comparison ( Pros & Cons)

They have Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Plans which is priced at $49 (Rs. 3,610), $44 (Rs. 3,242), and $39(Rs. 2,873) respectively- an estimated monthly fee which is very much cost-effective if you are a business that is tight on budget.

Madgicx vs Mailchimp 2021: In-Depth Comparison ( Pros & Cons)

With a platform that is known in its niche for marketing tools that they provide, it is known to be a platform that provides an all-round marketing experience for your business that provides the easiest way possible to launch your campaigns even if you are new to the niche.

Madgicx vs Mailchimp 2021: In-Depth Comparison ( Pros & Cons)

However, it may not be as easy for beginners to know more about the platform due to the overwhelming features that they provide. But working around the tools and the features that they provide make your marketing made easier through their dashboard.

With their users reviewing that the ease of using the platform in a way where you could easily access the platform and self navigate themselves without support is a bonus. Their major tools like email automation have made their tasks easier by making it automated and not having to manually send emails for areas like payments, confirmation emails, etc.

Madgicx vs Mailchimp 2021: In-Depth Comparison ( Pros & Cons)

With that being said, a platform is a beginner-friendly place that has very little or no knowledge of areas like email marketing.

Madgicx vs Mailchimp 2021: In-Depth Comparison ( Pros & Cons)

They are also known for their 24*7*365 support mechanism which ensures that you could contact them at any time you need the team to address your queries. And with that being said, they are rated on an average of 5/5 for the support that they show to their users in return building the necessary trust and brand name.

Madgicx vs Mailchimp 2021: In-Depth Comparison ( Pros & Cons)

With their outstanding customer support team, they have resources and information on their websites in the form of blogs that would invariably clarify necessary areas like the unique features they are offering. The blogs are clear and easy to understand to navigate yourself through any queries that you have regarding the tools that they provide you with.

Features and functionality

Madgicx is a known brand in the market that outstands the unique features that it provides to its users and ensuring they have the right connections and building trust with their users.

Madgicx vs Mailchimp 2021: In-Depth Comparison ( Pros & Cons)

They are also e known to provide exemplary all-round AI solutions that would invariably automate a lot of areas in terms of marketing your business. Also, as mentioned earlier, Madgicx as a platform is known for its easy to use user interface which is a cherry on the cake for its users.

Having established the fact that Mailchimp is a platform that provides solutions related to marketing and ways and tools to make marketing an easy to execute a function in an online business world, it is known to have an easy to use user interface that could be used by any business person from a beginner to a business that has been existing in the market since a long time.

Madgicx vs Mailchimp 2021: In-Depth Comparison ( Pros & Cons)

With an attractive and availability of a free plan, you could easily use their features in the free plan that they offer.

Availability of platforms


While comparing both the platforms over common features, each of them is unique in terms of what they have to provide under each of the arenas and it is quite common and normal to understand that what platform you choose depends on what business requirements you have at the time and moment.

However, for the ease of understanding, it is important to know what each of them caters to that is for businesses under the niche of eCommerce, solo entrepreneurs, or Ad agencies. On the contrary, is known for its cloud-based email marketing solutions that cater to all business types.

Depending on what category your business falls under, you could choose the platform that would cater to your requirements as they are well known for the services and features in their niche.

With a platform with being a leader in its niche, they offer several features that make them where they are today. A set of powerful features that set them apart are below:

  1. They have integrated seven products for the price of one which means they are an all in one platform that has combined Automation Tactics, Ad Creation, AI Audiences, Creative Insights, Bidding and Budget Optimizations as well as a Strategic Dashboard to create an all-round marketing experience for you.
  2. Tailormade Facebook advertisements that give results in a day or two with AI integrated tools, products, and capabilities.
  3. Madgicx ensures that you could predict creative performances through the creative intelligence feature that they provide. This is usually done by the platform through the use of computer-based vision and tags to get more traffic over your platform.
  4. Madgicx provides a facility for being able to create a funnel strategy with AI Audience and targeting.
  5. Madgicx as a platform ensures that it's AI algorithms function in a way that would unify, analyze as well as categorize the required advertisements to differentiate the stronger ones to the advertisements that may be fatigued in the future.

With a platform that provides several benefits and advantages, there are various features that they offer to make your marketing made easier:

Madgicx vs Mailchimp 2021: In-Depth Comparison ( Pros & Cons)
  1. They provide you with smart and flexible pricing plans that you could easily choose from depending on your business requirements and the features that would help you a lot more which majorly focuses on transactional email pricings.
  2. The email automation techniques are well known and renowned for how effective and a complete time saver it is.
  3. If you are a business that is just starting, the signup forms are a part that would complete mind-boggle you as it is self embedded as well as give you a function of popup that you could work with depending which serves you better and how you want to personalize it.
  4. While they ensure you consider your target audience and what they require in specific, tapping them in the right manner is important. Therefore, they have functions like marketing CRM, tags and segmentation, address finder, personalization, and customization options, predicted demographics, and audience finder that could be wired and worked around depending on what suits the situation.
  5. One of the major features that they have included that sets them apart is the approach towards building your brand. This basically involves basic tools that have been provided by them which are domains, website builders, content studio, and templates (which are preset and can be customizable) to work around with.

With all the features that are provided by Madgicxand Mailchimp , there are several features that are catered to much better by Madgicx and some features that are provided by Mailchimp which is better provided by them

While both have their own unique features that they provide, it is important to understand which platform provides features that cater to your business requirements. Both of the products ensure you have ample tools that you could work with and help your business grow.

In terms of talking about unique features that are provided by both the platforms, it is sure that the unique features provided by Mailchimp have more variety and tools that you can work with as compared to Madgicx. So if you are looking at more features, being a beginner, or new to online platforms and businesses, you would want to consider Mailchimp on the grounds of the unique features that they provide.

With each platform comes to both advantages as well as disadvantages that you may want to consider and below are a brief discussion about both

  1. It is known to be the most cost-effective tool in terms of advertising platform for businesses
  2. Madgicx is an autonomous and management tool as well
  3. Very user friendly and easy to use so even businesses which have just started out and do not want to employe individuals relating to the function could easily use the platform
  4. Marketing analytics and metrics to check and track the progress is something that is offered by them.
  5. Customer support is excellent with Madgicx
  6. You would have the flexibility of a customizable dashboard as well as marketing automation

A few areas that I believe could be improved upon are below:

  1. Too many features may be overwhelming for new users
  2. It might not be very cost-effective for some businesses.

As mentioned earlier, each platform whether renowned or a better alternative finally comes to both advantages, as well as disadvantages that you may want to consider and below, are a brief discussion about both

      It is very easy to use which clearly makes it easy to use ensuring even beginners can use the platform without compulsorily having the knowledge of coding/HTML
    MailChimp majorly focuses on ensuring yours have assistance with email building with email automation which means you could save time over this aspect.
  1. A promotional email with them are majorly planned according to the targeted audience
  2. Four pricing plans that you can choose from as per your convenience and business requirements.
  3. An excellent customer support team that handles queries and responds to issue within no time with customized solutions
  4. They provide a large database of contacts that you can reach out to or you could update it according to your requirements.
  1. Elimination of a specific user or a client is very difficult and complicated which means that having to remove a specific user from all the campaigns might get slightly difficult as calculating the number of campaigns he/she has registered for might get toucher.
  2. Updation of customer database can get tedious due to the fact that it to be done manually.
  3. Customization of templates is limited
A few areas wherein Madgicx has done really well are:

Considering all the advantages and disadvantages of the platform as well as , both are known for their beautiful features, benefits, and pricing, having to compare their advantages and disadvantages is an important task.


While Madgicx is a platform that considers all-round marketing tools and features that you can easily work upon, Mailchimp is a platform that specifically focuses on email automation and email marketing. It would completely depend on your business requirements and what you need at that time to choose the platform that would serve you better.

However, considering the pros and cons of both the platform, focuses and targets a specific marketing field and tool and ensures you have all the tools of marketing you could work well with. While both provide an equal number of advantages, the areas of improvement are more in terms of .

Madgicx and Mailchimp both are platforms that provide features, advantages, and benefits that cater to businesses and individuals of all kinds and niches.


While Madgicx as a platform provides one type of pricing plan that involves businesses having leverage to opt according to the time frame that is more convenient to the business requirements. They have Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Plans which is priced at $49 (Rs. 3,610), $44 (Rs. 3,242), and $39(Rs. 2,873) respectively- an estimated monthly fee which is very much cost-effective if you are a business that is tight on budget.

However, if you are considering MailChimp, you would get four pricing plans all having different features from which you could choose from depending on what your business requirements are and what features would cater to the requirements the best. Four of the pricing plans of MailChimp are Premium, Standard, Essentials, and free which involve the prices Rs. 23,000, Rs. 1,500, Rs 770 and Rs. 0 respectively.


With that, it is very obvious that in terms of pricing, clearly, Madgicx is a platform that you must consider if you are looking at a budget-friendly deal alongside great features and benefits that they come with.

A few areas that I believe could be improved upon are below:


👉What do Facebook Ad Targeting tools do?

Facebook Ad targeting tools ensure the following: Simple, easy yet creative ways of creating Facebook advertisements Using the tools and features provided to edit or access the Facebook ads that are put up by you Analytics for analyzing how your advertisements/campaigns are doing

👉Which of the tools comparatively better in terms of creating advertisements?

I would recommend both of the tools as they provide a maximum number of benefits, advantages, and features for the price that you would want to pay as an enterprise/business or an individual alongside the customer reviews. So you would have to choose the tool or platform that meets your business requirements

👉Are the tools mentioned above cost-effective?

Both the above-mentioned tools are cost-effective in terms of the features that each of them would provide you with. It totally depends on your business requirements.


Testimonials Madgicx vs Mailchimp

Madgicx vs Mailchimp 2021: In-Depth Comparison ( Pros & Cons)
Madgicx vs Mailchimp 2021: In-Depth Comparison ( Pros & Cons)

The battle between these two items has definitely been harsh, they have stacked up well against each other. But there must be a winner. In this case, Madgicx has pulled up in the lead as compared to Mailchimp.

Why is that? Madgicx seems to have a much more extensive range of features for the pricing that it has to offer and is sure to outperform that of Mailchimp, but beyond that, any customer expects transparency, especially in terms of things like pricing. In that way, Madgicx seems to be a much more reliable and efficient ads partner.

But, considering other aspects, Mailchimp definitely has its ups and does put up a good fight against Madgicx for the features, benefits, and advantages that it would want to provide to its users.

With that, I hope this article has helped you gain more of an understanding of these two tools and that you can make a much more informed decision when choosing the one you want to opt for.

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