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Made for Mezze

By Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
I am, and always have been, a three square meals kind of gal. I do enjoy snacks, and have even been known to ruin my appetite before dinner, but I would prefer to forever be hungry as I sat down to the table and satisfied as I stood up from it.
made for mezze With that said, I have utmost appreciation for the kinds of meals that come in courses and/or parts. I like to excite my palate with distinct yet compatible flavors and textures. The last few weeks have been especially fantastic in this regard.  made for mezze We'll ignore the fact that it took all this time for me to share them with you :). (Oh, summer and your fun.) First recap: the Cupping Room Café made for mezze My friend, Steph and I met up here after work for a drink and dinner courtesy of ScoutMob. Despite having wandered in there once before with Sofia, I was still impressed with the quaint space. It's adorable and the service is fantastic. I ordered Rosemary's refreshing Lemonade (gin, housemade rosemary syrup, lemon juice) and a salad to start.
made for mezze And for my entrée, a Middle Eastern platter of hummus, babaganoush, chopped marinated vegetables and homemade pita. Each bite hit the spot. It's also worth noting that we were in the pleasant company of a speed-dating event, of which brought people-watching to a whole new level. Although I can't promise this entertainment every evening, I do know that they often feature live music as well.
made for mezze Second recap: Balade. It has been so long since I've dined at a Lebanese restaurant (let alone my favorite one in Strasbourg), and I've never been to a Lebanese Pitza & Grill, but I was most excited to meet Anna, who was visiting us for the weekend.
made for mezze Her, Leslie, Katie and I  split the fatayir with spinach and feta (2 photos above) and each ordered the Vegetarian Mazmeez so that we could "create our own dreamy vegetarian ensemble." After much deliberation, I chose the hummus (classic goodness), falafal (surprisingly unique), tabbouleh (high in parsley rather than bulghar) and warak einab (delicious homemade-style grape leaves, stuffed with chickpeas, tomatoes, parsley and rice).
made for mezze Following our meal, we treated ourselves to vegan ice cream at Lulu's Sweet Apothecary and fabulous  tequila cocktails at Ella Lounge. Both were necessary and very much enjoyed. I love that these ladies agreed.
made for mezze Most recently, the third recap: St. Germain spritzers and tapas for a couplemoreNewYorkfoodiebloggers hosted by the lovely Rebecca
made for mezze Each of us contributed a dish or two resulting in a gorgeous spread of: swiss chard with dried apricots and pumpkin seeds, cheeses (including one made from Chimay), curried carrot dip, spiced nuts, hummus, carrots, black bean dip, crackers, a variety of breads, roasted peaches with goat cheese, (a la Jenna via Leslie), mixed berries and dark chocolate. Sure, I'll admit that I enjoy a sandwich every now and again, but I have yet to figure out the appeal of a day of snacks and stews.

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