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Mad Bread Wanted

Posted on the 27 May 2014 by Nelle @ImSoJheanelle

The Launching of  Mad Bread's Website 

     Some like their bread toasted, and others bake their bread from scratch, but we like our bread mad! We mean literally and figuratively. Our brand is an ingenious mix of fun and originality, to say the least. This not your conventional run of-the-mill clothing brand, this is Mad Bread. Our sidesplitting character Mr. Bread presents himself decked out in an All – American wardrobe of colored denim and Chuck Taylors. Please do not confuse him with a “yellow, square Nickelodeon cartoon character” or Frank Zappa’s bread-headed superhero, not only will he toast both their derrieres he will turn them into tuna sandwiches! Who’s bad?   
Mad Bread Wanted        It seems as though everyone is selling shirts nowadays, although we like entrepreneurship, for social media users, it can be mundane. Like most online brands, we wanted to get some much-needed attention. To assess the reception of our slogan #BeHungryNotGreedy to the masses increase the attention to our brand, we flocked to Instagram. Just like that Voila! We had Instagram in a frenzy for a #MadMonday contest aptly titled #GetMadBread(get it?). We asked our supporters and #BreadWinners to screenshot Mad Bread as he appear in a 15-second video. To qualify, they each had to upload their own captured screenshot to their personal page and tag with our name “@GetMadBread with the hashtag “#GetMadBread”. We made it simple, but foolproof to shenanigans, because they were prohibited from reposting another participant photo; which meant a display of the entire screenshot: no cropping. During the day, we found ourselves on the Explore Page on Instagram, that means we did something right (cue angel chorus), this is where all the trending topics are placed. That was a satisfying result of our hard work.
Mad Bread Wanted
The competition closed Monday at Midnight, so on Tuesday, our winners were announced majestically by Brand Ambassador Whitey. Hey! Don’t tease Whitey, he is our resident teddy bear. After seeing the fruits of our labor, we decided to host a challenge like this for our supporters each #MadMonday to keep everyone engaged and make social media exciting again.
In the efforts to spread #MadBread around the nation, we will continue to fuse stratagem, imagination and volunteerism to uplift our communities. Our goal is simple, we want every person out there to live his or her full potential and spread goodwill around. This is how we can fashion an improved environment for the forthcoming generation.You won’t find MadBread in any clothing store (or would you?) you will have to order here on our website. Tell a friend to bring a friend, that way we can all be breadwinners! With that said, thank you for embarking on this journey to #GetMadBread with us as we continue to grow. We are please to show you our world, also join us on Tumblr, Twitter, and  Pinterest.
-   Signed
Condido, Shayna & Jheanelle

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