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Luxury Appliances for Luxury Home Kitchens

By Goedekershomelife @goedekers

Luxury Appliances Home Kitchens

Luxury appliances are gaining popularity across the country. As lifestyles are changing, people are looking for something to set themselves apart from the crowd.

Homes with luxury appliances are becoming more and more common as the demand for smart homes and high-tech comforts increase.

High-end Appliances

Luxury Appliances Home Kitchens

Delving deeper into the realm of high-end appliances it is easy to see some important benefits they provide. Let's dig in.

Luxury Appliance Brands Define Your Home

  • The brands of the appliances you bring into your home set the tone. If you a certain look and feel in your home, then choosing the right luxury brands. Appliance brands like KitchenAid, Bosch, Cafe, AGA, Bertazzoni, Fulgor Milano, Monogram, Smeg, and Thor Kitchen put others on notice that your home is special.
  • Luxury appliances can be customized. A number of high-end brands are offering custom control knob and handle colors. You can ensure your appliances match your decor and your style. No one else in the neighborhood is ever likely to have your exact look.

Luxury Appliances Help Sell the Home

  • If you are looking to sell your house, luxury appliances will help it move. When you show a home with luxury appliances potential home buyers know they are getting quality and they know they need to act fast.
  • Luxury appliances provide the wow factor that is needed to move a house quickly. High-end appliances are extremely appealing and make your house stand out against all the other homes for sale.

Luxury Appliances Show Off the Home

  • Hosting visitors is completely transformed when you have luxury appliances. Home appliances like these show off your home and let everyone know your home is special. Guests will know that you pay attention to details and take your home seriously.
  • You will also be able to provide your guest with that extra level of comfort that comes from luxury appliances. Perfectly chilled wine, ice on demand, filtered water, properly seared steak, it's all possible with high-end appliances.

Luxury Appliances Mean You're Worth It

  • Stocking your home with luxury appliances means you're worth it. You've earned your money and you deserve to spend it on things that make your life easier and that give you joy. You are worth it and luxury appliances are the proof.
  • You work hard and coming home to the convenience and beauty provided by luxury appliances is something you deserve. Isn't about time you have something nice for yourself?

High-end Refrigerators

Luxury Appliances Home Kitchens

Luxury and high-end refrigerators are amazing. From the styles to the functions these appliances take your kitchen to the next level.

One of the most important factors in a luxury kitchen is seamlessness. This is a relatively new trend in high-end kitchen design. As a result, most high-end refrigerators are usually built-in or integrated models.

  • Built-in Refrigerators - Fit into kitchen cabinetry and only the doors protrude slightly out beyond the cabinets.
  • Integrated Refrigerators - Fit into kitchen cabinetry, yet the doors are completely flush with the cabinets. Integrated fridges can also be fitted with custom panels (sometimes called "panel-ready refrigerators"), so they match the look of the cabinets exactly.

Some homeowners are concerned about the loss of refrigerator depth with built-in and integrated styles. These fridges are 3 to 4 inches shallower than standard-depth refrigerators. However, built-in and integrated models make up for with more height and width.

At first, this can sound like a disadvantage, but users actually report the shallower depth helps them locate items in the refrigerator easier. Plus the expanded height and depth means no sacrifice in capacity.

These machines are not only beautiful, they are packed with advanced features as well. From hi-tech cooling systems to humidity-controlled crisper drawers modern conveniences allow you to easily keep food fresher longer.

High-end Ovens and Stoves

Luxury Appliances Home Kitchens

Do you love to cook? Do enjoy dining in? Do you consider your kitchen the favorite room in your house?

If so, high-end ovens and stoves are exactly what you are looking for. A luxury kitchen range provides the home chef with everything they need to follow even their wildest cooking whim.

    Stove Burner Power -From the supercharged power of more than 20,000 BTUs to the precision of 500 BTUs, you can sear or simmer to perfection. (BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is the measurement of the power of a stove burner.)
    Kitchen Range Size -If size is important, some high-end ranges come with 6, 7, 8 or even more burners. Also, oven capacities on luxury ranges are monstrous and can accommodate large turkeys and multiple dishes at the same time.
    Quality of Construction - High-end ovens are constructed out of the finest materials and built to last. The quality of the materials and engineering are reflected in the control and performance of these special appliances.
    High-end Oven Customization -Don't worry. High-end ranges can be customized with certain colors or appliance finishes to match and accentuate your kitchen decor. Need your range in red, green, white, orange, purple, or pink? It can be done.
The main choice for high-end ovens...

When outfitting your high-end kitchen, you have one main choice: wall oven or range. What's the difference?

  • High-end Wall Oven - A wall oven is exactly as it sounds. The oven is built into the wall providing easy use since it can be placed at a comfortable height. If you choose a high-end oven, you will then need a separate high-end cooktop.
  • High-end Kitchen Range - A kitchen range is the familiar combination of an oven and a cooktop. These appliances keep all the cooking stations in one place.

High-end Dishwashers

Luxury Appliances Home Kitchens

When buying luxury appliances, some people forget about the dishwasher. That is a terrible mistake.

Dishwashers have improved in quality and cleaning ability in the last decade or two and luxury dishwashers are no exception.

High-end dishwashers set themselves apart from other models in a number of ways. Let's take a closer look at why a luxury dishwasher is worth the investment.

High-end Dishwasher Features - Luxury dishwashers are fully loaded. Innovative and hi-tech features are standard equipment on these appliances. These machines get dishes cleaner than ever and save water while doing it.

Here's a list of just some of the features you will find on high-end dishwashers:

High-end dishwasher Brands - Shopping for a new high-end dishwasher invariably leads to several appliances brands known for their high-quality dishwashers.

The main brand that produce luxury dishwashers are:

  • KitchenAid - High-quality for a low price. Kitchen high-end dishwashers bring luxury to your kitchen but don't break the bank.
  • Miele - A global leader in luxury appliances. You cannot go wrong with a Miele dishwasher.
  • Bosch - World renown for their excellent engineering and quiet dishwashers, Bosch high-end dishwashers are the gold standard.
  • Monogram - Style, and function combine in Monogram dishwashers.
  • Heartland - Master of the panel-ready dishwashers.
  • Cafe - Besides outstanding features, Cafe dishwashers come in a variety of colors and finishes.

A number of these brand offer panel-ready dishwashers, so you can blend them into your kitchen cabinetry just like high-end refrigerators.

Drawer Dishwasher Models - Drawer dishwashers are becoming more and more popular as people realize their increased functionality.

By removing the clunky door and replacing it with a drawer design, these dishwashers are easier to load and take up less space in the kitchen.

If you are creating a high-end kitchen, a drawer dishwasher should be given serious consideration. These units are loaded with features and provide a better experience while loading dishes.

High-end Microwave Ovens

Luxury Appliances Home Kitchens

Microwaves have gone high-end as well. The creation of your high-end kitchen should include a luxury microwave oven.

These ovens are loaded with incredible features like preprogrammed meal settings and even convection oven cooking.

These miracles of kitchen convenience come in a few types:

    Over-the-range Microwave Ovens - These are the classic microwaves that mount right over the cooking range. There are plentiful luxury over-the-range microwaves models. However, in kitchens with range hoods, these ovens do not work.
    Over-the-counter Microwave Ovens - Similar to the over-the-range models these models are installed above a section of counter space. These ovens make great additions to luxury kitchens.
    Countertop Microwave Ovens - These microwaves are simply placed on top of countertops. They may seen out of place in a high-end kitchen. However, many models are extremely impressive. Plus they can be removed from view and stored in a pantry or cabinet while not in use.
    Built-in Microwave Ovens - Now, this is where true luxury comes in. Built-in microwaves fit seamlessly into kitchen cabinets and continue the trend streamlined kitchens.
    Drawer Microwave Ovens - Taking high-end to the highest point is a drawer microwave. These appliances are built into cabinets or kitchen islands providing a flush high-end look. Plus the drawer configuration of the microwave oven makes loading and unloading super easy.

High-end Cooktops

Luxury Appliances Home Kitchens

High-end cooktops can be a capstone to a new modern kitchen. If you chose a high-end wall oven for your kitchen then you need a luxury cooktop.

The wall oven with a separate cooktop opens up a number of design and workflow options when crafting a new kitchen.

Either a countertop or a kitchen island is the perfect home for a new cooktop. The various configurations give you more freedom and unchain you from the traditional stove.

There are three main types of premium cooktops:

  • High-end Gas Cooktops - These are gas-fueled cooktops that give an incredible amount of control and instant heat while cooking.
  • High-end Electric Cooktops - Traditional electric-powered cooktops can reach temperatures higher than gas cooktops.
  • High-end Induction Cooktops - The new standard in luxury cooktops. Induction technology is safer and provides outstanding cooking control for those special dishes.
Size does matter...

One feature of luxury cooktops that sets them apart from normal cooktops is size. High-end cooktops come in a variety of sizes to fulfill all your cooking desires.

The standard cooktop width is 30 inches, but luxury cooktops usually begin at 36 inches and go higher. Here's a list of available cooktops sizes.

Luxury Cooktops Sizes

Grill or fry your favorite meals in style. Start researching luxury cooktops today to learn what they can do.

High-end Range Hoods

Luxury Appliances Home Kitchens

The perfect compliment to your luxury range or cooktop is a high-end range hood. A range hood not merely a convenience it is necessary kitchen equipment, especially in a large kitchen.

Range hoods come in a number of different types:

  • Downdraft Range Hoods - Ventilates the kitchen by drawing fumes, smoke, and odors down into the appliance. These hoods are great for small kitchens or kitchen islands.
  • Wall Mount Range Hoods - Mounted on the wall these are traditional range hoods.
  • Island Mount Range Hoods - If you have a kitchen island, you need a range hood that does not need to be mounted against a wall.

Luxury range hoods come in a large variety of styles and colors, so you can express your personality. Some finishes include copper, stainless steel, bronze, red, green, and many more.

High-end Laundry Appliances

Luxury Appliances Home Kitchens

Luxury appliances are not only for the kitchen. High-end laundry appliances are changing laundry rooms and lives for good.

    High-end Washing Machines - Luxury washing machines sport outstanding features that set them apart from older models. Steam cycles to deep clean stains. Sanitation cycles to kill germs and bacteria. Huge capacities to do more laundry quicker. Smart home integration to provide easy operation and energy conservation.
    High-end Clothes Dryers - Luxury clothes dryer share many of the same features of the high-end appliances like smart appliance features and even steam drying cycles to smooth wrinkles. These dryers have massive capacities and dry clothes incredibly fast.

Household laundry has gone hi-tech with these new amazing laundry appliances. Get your clothes cleaner than ever and save time doing it.

High-end Kitchens

Luxury Appliances Home Kitchens

High-end kitchens are truly only made by luxury appliances. Luxury appliances are not only for show, but they are also the hi-tech workhorses of modern kitchens.

In designing your perfect kitchen, do not forget you need appliances that perform their functions at a high level while looking amazing doing them.

Creating your luxury kitchen is now a real possibility. Define your home, show off your home, sell your home if need be, and experience comfort and convenience from luxury appliances, because you are worth it.

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